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Magnetic detector

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    magnetic detector

    Magnetic detection with magnetic bars and metal detector

    The hygienic regulations require very high-quality rules regarding industrial production lines involving raw ingredients and bulk materials handling.The magnetic detector system is ideal to attract instantly ferrous particles, weakly magnetized or of very fine size. It securely holds them on its bars, keeping unwanted materials out of the final product.
    The magnet positioned at the installation inlet and outlet has became a standard for numerous industries to protect the equipment and the production lines.

    2 solutions of magnetic detection

    - Magnetic bars 

    - Metal detector

    magnetic detection


    Magnetic bars

    The magnetic bars helps to wipe out the problem of ferrous contamination improving product quality in numerous industries working with flour, powders, plastic granulates, sawdust etc... These bars are positioned amidst the product flow and firmly holds the ferrous particles on its bars.

    3 designs:

    - Static (1 ou 2 grids)
    The single grid magnetic detector is designed to stop ferrous particles present in the material flow. It works by keeping the undesired material out of the final product. The quick-cleaning magnets are configured for an easy maintenance.
    The section can be square or circular.
    The stainless steel magnetic separator, made with two magnetic grids placed underneath each other, provides the same advantages as the single magnetic grid but it is more effective due to its special layout; it ensures the quality material of the final product and limits a number of cleaning interventions.

    - Rotative grid
    The rotative magnetic bars enable the detection of all types of  metals to provide a clean material as well as protect your bulk handling production line. The rods are arranged in a circle which rotates gently agitating the material and maintaining its flow.

    - Inline on pneumatic conveying lines
    They guarantee (in dry phase) the purity  of bulk materials with optimum decontamination of particles from 20 µm and eliminates ferrous objects.
    The magnetic bars are installed on the pneumatic conveying pipes.


    Metal detector

    This gravity metal detector is manufactured to suit any gravity application. This system is ideal to manage the free-flowing material regardless its location on the industrial production line. When powders or bulk materials pass through the metal detector, the small ferrous contaminants are immedialty separated from the flowing bulk material.
    The equipment can be equipped with an automatic waste flange system. It is the optimal solution to control cocoa, coffee, sugar, aromas, fruit and dry vegetables, flour, rice, chemical powders and plastic granulates.

    • Hygiene
    • Ease of implementation
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    Equipment advantages

    - Qualify raw materials as soon as they are delivered to you
    - Avoid foreign bodies in manufacturing processes
    - Prevent machine damage 
    - Ensure a high quality end product
    - Detection and capture at the point of entry
    - Detection at the end of the production line 

    View our equipment in photos

    magnetic bars detection

    Magnetic bars for magnetic separation

    Magnetic detection on a detergent powder storage unit.

    magnetic bars

    Magnetic detector with circular section

    Metal detector on food additive dosing line with cleaning in place of all equipment.

    magnetic detector crushing mill process

    Magnetic detector on crushing mill

    Magnetic detection on a big bag discharge line of of bleaching agents for tank feeding.

    magnetic detector palamatic process bulk handling solutions

    Magnetic detector on box packing line

    Removal of metal contamination from powders and granules on industrial production lines.

    magnetic bars palamatic process

    Static magnetic detector for industrial production lines treating raw ingredients and bulk materials

    Magnetic bars on a pneumatic gelatin conveying line for coating capsules to feed a weighing hopper.

    cleaning magnetic bars

    Cleaning of the magnetic bars

    Magnetic bars on a big bag packing line with a capacity of 40 big bags per hour.

    milk powder magnetic bars

    Magnetic bars on milk powder production line

    Considering a difficult product flowing, the rotary magnetic bar technology enables keeping a high throughput as well as guarantees a high quality of the material.
    The rotary solution guarantees the throughput of difficult bulk materials.

    magnetic detector industrial process

    Big bag filling station for food product with magnetic detector

    Process for food materials "spraying": magnetic detection with bars as close as possible to the big bag loading station. The bulk material packed is free of contaminants. 

    magnetic detector on process filling line

    Magnetic detector with ejector on box conditioning line

    The Palamatic Process metal detector removes all metal contamination from your powders and granules.

    magnetic detector palamatic process

    Cardboard box conditioning line: magnetic detector with ejector

    If a foreign body is detected when the product passes through, a quick-acting cylinder then "bypasses" the inlet chute on the side to a waste collector.

    magnetic detector crushing mill palamatic process

    Magnetic detection on milk powder production line

    Magnetic detector on a big bag packing line in a hygienic zone (white zone) for baby food products.

    magnetic detector pneumatic conveying

    Magnetic detector on pneumatic conveying line

    The magnetic bars, installed on the pneumatic conveying line, control the materials coming from various loading points. This configuration optimizes the investment cost and compact design.

    magnetic detection

    Double magnetic detection bars under silo

    Directly set under the storage silo, the magnetic double grids feeds the pneumatic conveying pipeline. To facilitate the daily control of the production line, a magnetic drawer is installed under the rotaty valve with easy access to the magnets. The mechanical design of the drawer ensures high resistance to pressure.

    bulk bag filler Flowmatic 03

    Magnetic detector on big bag filling FlowMatic® 03

    magnetic detector

    Magnetic detector screen

    Magnetic detector on bulk or powder conveyor.

    magnetic detector on process big bag loading line

    Magnetic detector on sack filling unit

    Magnetic detector on a conditioning line of animal flour in big bags.

    magnetic detector on conveyor

    Belt conveyor with magnetic detector

    Magnetic detection of bags of powder on a belt conveyor.

    metallic detector process line

    Magnetic detector on pneumatic conveying line

    Metal detector on a line for discharging and crumbling resinous products.

    metallic detector processing line

    Processing line with magnetic detection

    Magnetic detection on a food additive dosing line with cleaning in place of all equipment.

    bulk process magnetic detector

    Bulk processing line magnetic detection

    Magnetic bars under flexible connection sleeve on cake mixing production line.

    Magnetic bars on pneumatic transfer line

    Pneumatic conveying line with magnetic detection

    Magnetic bars on pneumatic transfer

    Easy dismantling of the magnetic detection system

    Specific features of magnetic detectors

    - Excellent detection of ferrous particles, resistance to maximum interference and high reliability. 

    - Permanent and automatic self-calibration with self-balancing and temperature compensation.

    - Fully automatic operation is guaranteed after setting the level of sensitivity and the duration of ejection to the desired values.

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