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Vibratory screener - 3 models

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    Vibratory screener - Sieving to protect your production line machines and to eliminate lumps

    To ensure health and safety of the process
    The vibrating screener remove foreign bodies and agglomerates to ensure the quality of your product and to protect your production line from mechanical damage.


    Vibratory screener range

    vibrating sieve range palamatic process


    Manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel 304L and 316L
    3 models depending on the desired flow rate: 450, 600 ou 900

    The vibratory sifter GYRATOR ensures control and protection of your powder handling production line. The sifter GYRATOR ensures clean product, without lumps or foreign bodies and protects your production line from mechanical damage.It guarantees you a high quality end product. 
    Suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and synthetic industries. Possibility of an installation on a pneumatic conveying line or gravity fed sifter.

    sift palamatic process bulk handling



    Ø of the mesh in mm

    Capacity in t./h.*

    GSC 450



    GSC 600



    GSC 900




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    Equipment advantages

    - High throughput rates

    - 3 models of sifters: GSC 450, 600, 900

    - Extremely low retention, easy to clean

    - Long life equipment

    - Low maintenance

    - Easy replacement of the meshscreen

    - Easy and rapid dismantling using sping clips

    - Clean In Place (CIP)

    -High quality, heavy duty manufacturing


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    Confectionery production line

    Confectionery production line 

    Handling of ingredients present in the composition of confectionary product in the food industry.

    Technical specification

    Sifting occurs thanks to a vibrator fitted on the side of the machine (1.1 kW for model GSC 900, and 0.5 kW for models GSC450 and GSC 600).

    Feeding is ensured by the central upper flange connected via a flexible sleeve.

    Lumps are destroyed and foreign bodies are eliminated.

    The screen is available in stainless steel or nylon and in different sizes to fit the needs of each customer and each product specification.


    Dimensions :


    vibratory screener size


    Examples of flow rates with 2 mm mesh on T55-type wheat flour:

    Models ØA ØB ØC ØD ØE F G H I J K Rate

    GSC 450

    560 168 198 668 76 403 44 128 90 375 100 1.5 t./h.

    GSC 600

    730 207 207 839 100 507 50 241 90 540 100 2.5 t./h.
    GSC 900 1012 330 300 1185 100 640 68 278 90 647 100

    6.5 t./h.


    • Infant milk powder preparation

      Product concerned: infant milk powder - Infant milk powder preparation - Industrial specialized in baby food production - The process consist of conditionning infant milk powder in diverse containing...
    • Brewery feeding line

      Processed powders: malt, barley and wheat powder - Brewery feeding line - The goal of the installation is to screen the cereals used in the beer production process.
    • Handling of food starch

      Processed powders: gluten and starch - Handling of food starch - French company specialized in the conditioning of bulk products and raw materials.
    • Kibbles manufacturing

      Powders processed: palatability enhancers, flavours for dog and cat food - Kibbles manufacturing - Company SPF. To cope with its development, the French company SPF, the "petfood" branch of the...
    • Spice dosing

      Processed powder: spice mixture with an apparent density of 500 kg/m³ - Spice dosing - The customer was looking to replace his manual dosing system, in the small-size packaging room, with a weight...
    • Icing sugar line

      Processed powder: starch and granulated sugar - Icing sugar line - French sugar cooperative company - Supply and commissioning of a set of machines for the production of icing sugar and starch to feed...
    • Skid for metallic powder

      Processed powders: metallic powder (bulk density 5) - Skid for metallic powder - The powder is vacuumed from its initial packaging and stored in a drying tank.
    • Compounding line

      Processed products: plastic granules - Compounding line - Installation of a big bag and Flowbin emptying station containing powdery or granulated powders in a buffer hopper.
    • Pharmaceutical loading

      Processed powder: Sorbitol - Pharmaceutical loading - Manufacturing of basic pharmaceutical products, medicines
    • Natural food flavours

      Processed powders: apetence factors, natural food flavours - Natural food flavour - The company, which is specialized in the manufacture of flavours for domestic animal feed, was looking to install a...
    • Loading drums and big bags

      Processed powder: chromium powder - Drum and big bag loading - The objective is to screen and package in big bags or drums chromium powder with an integrated dosing system.
    • Handling of veterinary bulk solids

      Processed bulk solids: veterinary powders - Loading of veterinary powders - Company specialized in animal nutrition and health: workshop for the preparation and mixing of bulk material
    • Pharmaceutical powder discharging process

      Processed material: sodium bicarbonate - Powder processes in pharmaceutical laboratories - Deconditioning of raw materials (sodium bicarbonate for pharmaceutical application) from big bags.
    • Milk powder mixing line

      Processed powder: infant milk powder - Milk powder mixing line - The mixing line is totally cleanable with the complete dismantling of the equipment with our Palamatic-EasyClean range of equipment.
    • Entomoculture treatment unit

      Treated products: droppings, dead insects, live insects - Treatment unit in the entomoculture - This unit allows the treatment of non-compliant products from the main process.
    • Déconditionnement et alimentation de cuves de préparation

      Processed powders : Frying batter (flours, starches, spices, colourings...) - The installation concerns a pre-mixing line of ingredients for the food industry.
    • Weighing, conveying, dosing and transfer

      Products processed: snack cakes (starch, rice flour, oats) - Weighing, conveying, dosing and transfer - Extraction from big bags and sacks to feed a kneading tank.
    • Process for feeding mixers

      Processed powders: potato flakes, semolina, salt, breadcrumbs - New workshop for the production of fillings - Unloading, transfer, storage, dosing.
    • Turnkey solution for the screening, dosing and filling sacks with toxic materials

      Treated powder: Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide - Turnkey solution for sieving, dosing and filling 22 kg bags of toxic powder. Improvement of ergonomics and operator safety.
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