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Powder sampler ECD

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Easy Clean industrial sampler

Powder sampler ECD

Easy clean Design Palamatic

Contained sampling for operators security

Palamatic Process powder sampler Easy Clean Design ensures the volumetric sampling of powders and bulk materials from the material flow, thus guaranteeing a representative sampling.
The sampling is designed so that the collected material remains contained, without contact with the ambient air. Contained sampling ensures the safety of operators who are therefore not exposed to the material

Samplers allow the quality team to control the production batches. Samples can be collected at different stages of the process.

Examples of installations:

  • on a reception cyclofilter of an atomization tower
  • on big bag filling station
  • on an industrial mixer
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Equipment advantages

- Powder sample collected from the main process flow

- Sampling without process interruption

- The sampled material remains contained, without contact with the ambient air or the operator 

- Quick disassembly for cleaning


View our equipment in photos

Pneumatic industrial sampler Easy Clean

Pneumatic industrial sampler Easy Clean

Samples can be collected at different stages of the process.

manual powder sampler palamatic powder

Sampler with manual actuator piston

The industrial sampler is installed in the bulk material flow to ensure representative sampling.

Screw sample for powders

Sampling unit

Screw on sampling unit.

manual sampler

Piston powder sampler

Valve system with a manual piston.

powder sampler

Pipe spoon sampler

Bulk material or powder accumulates in the industrial sampler.

multi point powder sampler palamatic process

Multi-points sampler

The pipe spoon sampler is a very efficient and economic solution.

Powder sampler Easy Clean

Powder sampler Easy Clean

Samplers allow the quality team to control the production batches.

Powder sampling

Automatic sampling unit

The outlet of the screw is positioned in the bulk material flow.

industrial pneumatic sampler palamatic process

Powder sampler

Sample collection is contained, which ensures operator safety.

industrial pneumatic sampler

Industrial powder sampler

The Palamatic Process sampler enables representative powder samples to be taken at the heart of a process.

big bag filling sampler

Sampler on big bag filling station

The sampler is set up on the big bag loading station. It ensures an automatic collection of representative samples to each loading station. Thus, the traceability is guaranteed.

sampler on industrial mixer

Industrial mixer sampling

Due to the complex mixing process, the sampler on the mixer helps to define the mixing time and the relative incorporation.
The final sampler is a guarantee of the quality of the mix before discharging.

powder sampler industrial mixer

Automatic sampler on industrial mixer

Automatic sampler on a mixing line for natural additives for veterinary use.

powder sampler industrial mixer

Food application

Automatic sampler on a ribbon mixer.

tubular screw conveyor

Bulk material sampler on industrial process

Industrial sampler on an additive mixing and premix packing line: flavours for dogs and cats.

pharmaceutical powder sampling

Pharmaceutical powder sampling

Sampler on a packing line in drums and big bags of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry.

pharmaceutical powder sampling

Automatic sampler

Sampler for powders and bulk materials on additive feeding line for extrusion line in the compound industry.

Industrial powder sampler

Sampler for industrial powders

The sampler is fitted with a screw.


Technical specification

3  technologies 
Screw sampler Piston sampler Pipe spoon sampler
Screw sampler
sampler piston - Palamatic Process
sampler palamatic process
The end of the screw is situated
in the material flow
Valve system with a manual piston  


3  types of actuators
Manual: screw Manual: piston Pneumatic: screw or piston
manual powder sampler palamatic powder
manual sampler bulk handling solutions - Palamatic Process
pneumatic sampler bulk materials
A wheel allows sampling   Automatic sampler
with pneumatic cylinder 


Case studies
  • Clean room for packing

    Processed powder: milk powder - Clean room for packing - A leading dairy and manufacturer of high value-added milk powder for the leaders in the infant market.
  • Cementation of nuclear waste

    Processed powders: Cement + filler, lime and calcium nitrate - Cementation of nuclear waste - This process is intended for the cementation of fines and resins
  • Packing of white sugar and crystal sugar in big bag

    Processed powders: white refined sugar, surfine caster sugar, crystal sugar - Packing in big bag of white sugar and crystal sugar - This big bag installation is designed to achieve a minimum flow rate...
  • Drum filling with chemical agents

    Processed materials: hydrazine hydrate derivative - Drum filling with chemical agents - The customer is the world leader in chemistry for the manufacture of building materials.
  • Dried tomato powder process

    Processed product: dried tomato powder - Industrial process for tomato products - The application requested by the customer is the filling of big bags and cartons at the outlet of the atomization...
  • Spray tower for packaging feed

    Processed powders: skim milk powder / whole milk powder. Client in Africa.
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production line palamatic process

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