Boxes manipulator

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Boxes handling is a problem for many industries. A market leader for 20 years in terms of designing, manufacturing and installing handling systems, PALAMATIC PROCESS is today unmatched in the world of suction lifting.  Whether you need to palletize, pack or store cartons of any size, PALAMATIC PROCESS has the right solution for you.

Thanks to specially developed handling tools, one operator can now handle cartons of up to 2.5 metres high. The load is easily put away in absolute safety. Closed or open cartons do not represent any handling problem. If you wish to handle more cartons at the same time, we will offer a hoist head with multiple suction pads especially designed for your application.

Main advantages

  • Effortless lifting
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased operators safety
  • Increased operators performance

Optimal safety

A safety system is integrated to all systems, protecting the operator in case of a power failure: the tube is released slowly, and the load is placed slowly on the floor. There is no risk of load fall –our systems are used for handling of glasses, car windscreens, TVs, etc.)

Common applications

  • Palletization
  • Depalletization
  • Input to production lines
  • Output of production lines
  • Pallet loading
  • Batch preparation ... 


boxes manipulator

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