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Pallet manipulator

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pallet lifter palamatic process

PALLET MANIPULATOR - Vacuum tube lifter

Increased performance and productivity

Pallet handling is made easier by effortless lifting.

Pallet handling is a problem for many industries. Palamatic Process has been a market leader in the design, manufacture and construction of handling systems for 25 years and is now unequalled in the world of vacuum lifting. Palamatic Process offers a pallet inspection system allowing optimal working conditions and an ergonomic workstation.

  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of implementation
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Equipment advantages

- Effortless lifting 
- Increased performance and productivity
- Optimal working conditions
- Ergonomic post
- Increase in operator safety
- Increase in operator efficiency
- Low maintenance


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Manipulateur palettes

Pallet manipulator Palamatic Process

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pallet handling tube lifter

Pallet manipulator

The pallet sorting line is designed to destack, sort, and stack empty pallets.

pallet handling system security

Palamatic Process pallet handling system

The pallet manipulator makes it easy to sort pallets.

industrial manipulator pallet palamatic process

Roller conveyor for pallet handling

The pallet manipulator allows the pallet to be positioned on the roller conveyor before it is evacuated.

pallet manipulator palamatic process

Effortless lifting single operator

The vacuum lifting tube is compressed and the pallet is weightless. It can then be moved effortlessly.

industrial pallet manipulator

Pallet handling Palamatic Process

The pallet is raised and lowered using the rotary or trigger control handle.

Manipulateur de palettes

Pallet lifting system Palamatic Process

The manipulator jib crane is available in a mobile version to be moved with the forklift truck.

pallet handling

Handling fork to handle pallets

The pallet inspector is particularly suitable for pallet repair and sorting workshops.


Technical specification

The most common way to inspect pallets involves two operators in harsh working conditions since they have to lift them manually, inspect them and stack them outside. The inspection and sorting of pallets is an essential step to overcome the recurrent problem of stuck packaging residues. It is an industrial sector where many accidents occur, particularly affecting the back and hands.

Palamatic Process pallet handling system consists of a fork specially designed to be fixed on a suction tube, easily controlled by a single operator.

The pallet is safely removed from its stack, lifted and handled at will (360° rotation) for inspection. This operation allows the operator to have his hands clear and thus be able to remove the waste and place it on a conveyor. Thanks to our system, a single operator can now inspect up to 200 pallets of 50 kg in one hour.

Optimum security :

A safety system is integrated into all systems and protects the operator in the event of a power failure: the tube expands slowly and the pallet is gently laid on the ground. There is no risk of pallet falling (our systems are used to handle windows, car windscreens, TV sets, etc.), all with little maintenance for a highly efficient system.

Applications :

  • Design and layout of lines completed by the processing of European pallets and other sizes.

Palamatic Process integrates additional equipment into the pallet manipulator:

  • Pallet repair table equipped with nailers, sabre saw
  • Lifting table
  • Motorized or gravity roller conveyor
  • Unstacker
  • Painting booth
Case studies
  • Unloading and conveying of cement

    Processed powder: cement - Unloading and conveying of cement - Unloading of cement from 1 ton big bags with pneumatic transfer of material to silo storage
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production line palamatic process

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