Dust lock rotary valve

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Powder handling: dedusting under cyclone or under filtre

The dust lock rotary valve is of a dedicated design for filter applications. The universal flanges on both sides of the valve are drilled to PN 10 and suitable for both round and square counter flanges.

Main advantages

  • Minimum air leakage
  • Barrier to flame
  • Polyurethane rotor blades
  • Suitable for both round and square counter flanges
  • Versions conforming to ATEX 94/9/EC available, specifications up to Group II Category 1D
normes atex certified palamatic process
Type Litres/trev.

Inlet and outlet sections

200 6 200
250 8,5 250 

Operating mode

The dust lock valve has a very large inlet and a direct drive, providing ample torque to drive the rotor, which has 6 replaceable and adjustable polyurethane blades.

An optional steel fixed bladed rotor is also available.

The standard drive is a Nord helical geared motor, type SK01-F-71L/4, 0.37 kW, IP 55, isol. F, giving 27 rpm at 50 Hz and 32.4 rpm at 60 Hz. Suitable for 230/400V 50 Hz and 278/480V 60 Hz.

The standard model is suitable for handling products up to a temperature of 70 °C and a maximum pressure differential of 0.5 bar.

The valve is pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar g pressure.



dust lock valve palamatic dust lock valve round section dust lock valve square section


The inlet of the valve is square, therefore accommodating both round and square outlets from the vessel that has to be discharged. The angle of the inlet down to the rotor has been kept as steep as possible, to reduce the chance of bridging.

The outlet from the valve is round, so that you can discharge into either a round or square connection.


dust lock valve dimensions

dust lock valve drawing

Type Ltr/rev


200 6 200 200 295 340 320 8 x Ø23 14 310 155 22,5° 465 176
250 8,5 250 250 350 406 370 12 x Ø23 15 325 162,5 30° 485 196



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