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Hopper venting filter

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Industrial dust collector - Palamatic Process

Venting filter for installation on storage hoppers, dosing systems…

The hopper venting filter is designed to contain and control dust particles and complies with air pollution regulations. The venting filter is ideal for venting dust-loaded air volumes.
The venting filter is extremely compact for venting the loading hoppers. The dust, separated from the air flow by means of a filter element, falls into the hopper thanks to the compressed air cleaning system integrated in the cover. The cleaning is carried out by an adjustable electronic sequencer.

The integration of venting filters prevents pressure build-up in the equipment and thus maintains a perfect dust tightness in order to guarantee a clean process.

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Equipment advantages

- Reintroduction of fines into the process; no product loss

- High cleaning efficiency 

- High filtration efficiency

- Compact design

- Easy installation and retrofitting

- Low emission level due to B.I.A.-certified filter media

- Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit integrated in the cover



View our equipment in photos

hopper venting filter palamatic process

Dust collector on hopper

The Palamatic Process degassing filter ensures low dust emission for the hoppers.

Hopper venting filter on big bag discharge station

The Palamatic Process degassing filter ensures low dust emission of the hoppers.

hopper venting filter process line

Hopper venting filter

Industrial dust removal on packing and powder handling processing lines.

hopper venting filter powder handling

Industrial filtration hopper venting system

Small dimensions polygonal filter for installation on buffer storage hoppers or weighing hoppers.

degazing filter

Venting filter Palamatic Process

The polygonal filter can be used in various industries.

dust collection

Industrial venting filtration

The degassing filter is extremely compact and is suitable for mechanically loaded hoppers.

Big bag unloading venting filtration

The compressed air cleaning system integrated in the cover removes dust particles from the filter elements.

Venting filter for mechanically filled hoppers

The dust filter is installed on a centrifugal screen on an industrial spice production line.

centrifugal sieve on pneumatic conveying bulk materials

Venting filter for installation on intermediate storage hoppers

The dust filter is installed on a centrifugal screen on an industrial spice production line.


Technical specification

  • Filter surface: from 0.5 to 2m².
  • Power supply: 24 V AC
  • Filtering element: non-woven polyester certified "BIA" (class U, S, G and C)
  • Cleaning: compressed air counter-current - 6 bar
  • Electronic board: included, with possibility of adjusting pause and pulsation times
  • Maintenance: to be carried out on the clean side
  • Construction material: plastic cover (optional stainless steel 304 or 316L); body in stainless steel 304 (optional 316L)
  • Realization: body made of a single welded part to avoid product retention
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Installation: connection of the filter to the exhaust fan
Case studies
  • Processing line for biscuit production factory

    Processed powder: Crystal sugar - Line for biscuit factory - Food manufacturer that specializes in biscuits, chocolate and cocoa. The customer's process requirements involved the milling of granulated...


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