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Air cannon PG

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    Air cannon - Bulk material and powder handling
    ATEX certification Palamatic Process

    Air cannon - To prevent chimney and bridging

    The airgun delivers high-pressure gas jets rising until 6 bar on a short duration to lead to a collapse of bridges and chimneys. Its use is ideal to get the bulk solids with irregular forms to move.

    • Efficiency
    • Air consumption
    • Noise level


    "Chimney" formation is a phenomenon that frequently occurs in silos; this is due to the physical and stored material’s chemical properties. When unloading and the sluice gate is opened, the central column is released while the rest of the material remains against the wall.

    The airgun PG is often the ideal solution for light materials. The air jet created by the air instantaneously releases a large quantity of compressed air, which causes chimneys and domes to collapse.

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    Equipment advantages

    - 4 sizes

    - Pressure: 3-6 bar (44 – 87 PSI)

    - Direct effect on the material

    - No pressure on the structure

    - Air consumption per cycle: 0.3 – 4.8 NI (0.01 – 0.02 cu. Ft.) 

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    Air cannon - Bulk material and powder handling

    Air cannon

    Air cannon on powder handling line for loading detergent pre-mix tank.

    air cannon bulk material flowing

    Air cannon bulk materials handling

    Air cannon on a complete powder handling line for micronization and packing of seaweed in bags.

    air cannon bulk flow


    Air cannon on powder handling line for the manufacture of hair cream.

    anti bridging conical screw conveyor

    Anti-bridging device - conical bottom

    Anti-bridging device with conical bottom: facilitates the downflow of bulk materials.

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    flat bottom anti bridging device powder

    Anti-bridging device - flat bottom

    Anti-bridging device with flat bottom that facilitates the downflow of powders under silo and hopper.

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    bin activator

    Bin acivator

    Vibrating bottom for the mechanical extraction of powders under silo.

    More information

    electric vibrator powder flow 5

    Electric vibrator

    Electric vibrator on powder handling line to improve the flow of complex raw ingredients.

    More information

    pneumatic hammer bulk handling

    Pneumatic hammer

    Pneumatic hammer on powder handling line to improve the downflow of powders by shock wave and high pressure air jet.

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    vibrating bin aerator bulk handling

    Vibrating bin aerator

    Our vibrators combine a fluidization effect under pressure.

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    aeration pads bulk material handling

    Aeration pads

    Fluidization plate on powder handling line to keep the powder moving for long periods of storage.

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    Technical specification

    PG032 205 105 135 120 0.3 0.7 1/8 pipe 6 mm 6.2 270x185x170
    PG040 245 115 175 120 0.6 1.3 1/8 pipe 6 mm 8.2 270x185x170
    PG063 285 150 215 150 1.17 2.3 1/4 pipe 8 mm 16.2 450x200x220
    PG080 335 200 265 200 2.3 4.8 1/4 pipe 8 mm 29.7 450x200x220


    air canon palamatic process layout
    • Loading big bags of soda ash

      Treated powder : Natural soda ash - Automatic big bag filling line with buffer hoppers. Remote control system ensuring traceability and safety of the process.
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    Steel-Stainless steel IBC container

    Dust-tight handling, Flexibility, Storage

    Rigid silo

    To store your powders and granules in bulk material handling...

    Flexible silo - S and M ranges

    For storage of powders and granules

    Sack manual discharging - Sacktip® S - 4 models

    Ergonomic sack discharging

    Anti-bridging device - Flat bottom

    Mechanical stirring, Facilitate the flow of powders below silo or...

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