Super sack compactor

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Reduces waste and maintains a healthy, dust-free environment

Mild steel and 304 stainless steel construction
Suitable for food-processing and pharmaceutical powder handling applications

Effective, with a compact design, the compactor is suitable for all types of bags can be handled, eliminating the majority of dust through the installation of a connection to the dedusting network.

Main advantages

  • Suitable for all types of super sacks
  • Clean working environment
  • Can be supplied alone or integrated in a super sack emptying unit
  • Possibility of recovery of residual fine by specific tray

Operating mode

The operator inserts the empty big bags in the main body of the compactor via an access door. An independent control box allows the start and stop of the compactor.

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  • This compactor for empty bags consists of a mild steel or 304L/316L stainless steel screw with appropriate surface finishing.
  • Direct gear motor drive directly mounted at inlet end.
  • Collected in a polyethylene hose that is periodically cut and closed, the waste bags can be easily disposed of.
  • Easy access to all parts due to modular design.


dimensions bag compactor


mini drawing bag compactor


compactor on casters

Mobile system

Compactors can be installed on handling wheels for use on various workstations.

industrial round dust collector

Dust collecting

Compactors can be integrated into a dedusting network to get a healthy atmosphere.

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compactor integrated on unloading unit

Compactor integrated on super sack unloading unit

contained big bag discharging device

Big bag discharging in very high containment

In the petrochemicals sector, this equipment relates to the treatment cadmium oxide thanks to a big bag discharging unit and a compactor.

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