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Big bag discharging - Telescopic tube - Easyflow EF1

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    telescopic tube palamatic process
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    Big bag unloading station - Easyflow telescopic tube sealing by clamping

    Rates: 10 to 20 big bags/h.

    Capacity: 2 tons/big bag

    Objectives: total containment & flexibility of treated big bags  

    The ideal solution to ensure total airtightness during the big bag unloading process

    Palamatic Process has developed confined telescopic tube unloading stations to meet the needs of industries using big bags. The structure of this station and the parts in contact with the bulk materials can be made of 304/316L stainless steel. The ergonomic height of access to the big bag is 1,400 mm and the necessary dust removal rate is 150 m³/h *.

    This industrial machine ensures a total airtightness when emptying big bags. It keeps the cuff in tension to allow a fluid flow while ensuring ergonomic work for the operator.

    Handling of big bags is available in 3 versions: loading hoist, loading trolley or low structure


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    Equipment advantages

    - Total containment by tension and docking cylinder

    - Double casing tube which assures the balancing of the volumes and makes it possible to avoid any increase in pressure or flow problem

    - Connection of the big bag cuff

    - Vacuuming of the big bag (option)

    View our equipment in videos

    Big bag discharging - Telescopic tube - EasyFlow® EF1

    Big bag unloading station - EasyFlow telescopic tube  - Sealing by clamping

    View our equipment in photos

    EasyFlow 01 - Palamatic Process

    EasyFlow 01 - Palamatic Process

    The EasyFlow 01 model is suitable for unloading your big bags.

    EasyFlow 01- Big bag

    EasyFlow 01 EF01 - Palamatic Process


    The EF01 equipment consists of a telescopic tube and clamp ring.

    Big bag discharging - Easyflow EF1 Palamatic Process

    Big bag discharging - Easyflow EF1 Palamatic Process

    Big bag emptying system Easyflow EF1 with integrated telescopic tube and clamp ring.

    Big bag discharging station EF1 Palamatic Process

    Big bag discharging station EF1 Palamatic Process

    Big bag discharging station Easyflow EF1 designed for a variety of products from different big bags.

    Easyflow EF1 big bag Palamatic Process

    Easyflow EF1 big bag Palamatic Process

    Big bag discharging by telescopic tube.

    Technical specification

    Rate 10 to 30 big bags/h.
    Capacity 2 tons/big bag
    Manufacturing materials Painted steel, 316L stainless steel
    Installed power 0.1 kW / 2.97 kW (with hoist)

    Dust removal rate required: 150 m³/h (may vary depending on the processed materials)

    Ergonomic height of access to the big bag: 1,600 - 1,200 mm

    Operating procedure: 

    - Height adjustment of the connection tube

    - Positioning of the big bag sleeve in the double casing tube

    - Clamping of the sleeve - Release of the drain sleeve

    - 100% confined product flow

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