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Discharge of big bags of zinc raw materials into etching tanks

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Case study reference :
Bulk bag discharger - Powder handling

Processed powder: zinc ash, zinc oxide, waelz oxide

Bulk pigment handling


World leader in zinc phosphate treatment (pigment used in the formulation of anti-rust paints and primers).

This project is part of an overall project to replace and continuously improve the working environment in terms of health and safety. The materials to be emptied are powders whose particularity is to have very heterogeneous characteristics. The feeding of the tank from big bags must be automatic, contained and adapted to the different bulk materials (flowable & vaulting).

Palamatic Process offers a fully enclosed big bag emptying station EasyFlow® EF100-200 to ensure the containment of the whole system. The equipment includes an electric hoist, a handling cross with automatic release of the big bag, a spike to burst the bottom of the big bag, a massage system and an unlacing cabinet to ensure operator protection.

The station's containment is provided by the housing of the unit.

A dust removal ring positioned on the periphery of the big bag removal plate is connected to the central dust collection network.

An S7 300 series PLC completes the installation.


Big bag compactor - CBB125

Containment and management of empty big bags

Big bag discharging - High rate - Easyflow EF100-200

High rate, Ergonomics, Automation

Centralized dust collector

Industrial dust collection applications, Mounting on a dust collecting hopper, Easy installation
production line palamatic process

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