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Double deconditioning station and pneumatic dense phase cement transfer

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Case study reference :
Cement discharging

Processed product: cement

Filling of truck with cement


The installation concerns two EasyFlow® EF100 big bag unloading stations for high-speed semi-automatic unpacking.

The main advantage of this double station is that it works in masked time.
Utilizing four entry areas, two full big bags can be staged and loaded while two more big bags are being emptied.
With this automated operational sequence, it is possible to achieve very high bulk bag emptying rates.

Each station includes:

  • Two lifting hoists
    Installed on a guiding rail to allow movement of the big bags towards the unloading area.
  • Two automatic handling crosses
  • This system guarantees optimum emptying without loss of product or operator intervention.
  • A big bag massage system
    The pneumatic jacks break up bridging and mass flow issues.
  • A "U" shaped bag punctures point
    This puncture blade allows the cement big bag to be opened mechanically without direct action by the operator.
    The force exerted by the 'product' weight on the knives allows instant cutting of the bottom of the bulk big and free-flow of the cement into the hopper below.
  • A collecting hopper with a capacity to store two whole bulk bags (common to the 2 emptying stations).
  • cylindrical dust collection unit
    The dust is collected from the air flow by filtering elements inside the hopper via the integrated compressed air cleaning system. This industrial dust removal system is specifically adapted to cement production units.
  • A 60 ton/hr dense phase pneumatic transfer system with bypass (common to the two emptying stations).
    The working environment is guaranteed to be dust-free thanks to the completely sealed transfer airlock.
  • A tubular transfer screw
    This equipment allows the mechanical transfer of the cement to the truck loading sleeves located on the platform
  • A truck loading spout
    This telescopic loading sleeve ensures the continuous loading of cement into tanker trucks.

An access platform allows operators to safely perform maintenance on the truck loading spouts. 
An electrical control cabinet with touch screen allows access to all parameters and individual equipment.

Double station de vidange de ciment
Double station de vidange de ciment Palamatic

The automatic operating cycle is as follows:

- Once the big bag handles are positioned on the handling cross, it is automatically taken to the unloading area.

- The operator then controls the operations via the control cabinet.

- The hoist allows the bulk bag to be lowered to the level of the puncture point. The weight of the big bag exerts pressure on the tip which causes the big bag to be cut open.
- The cement then empties into the collection hopper.

- Once the big bag has been emptied, the hoist automatically returns to its initial position.

- The operator detaches the big bag handles from the hoist and the following sequence can start over.


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production line palamatic process

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