Pneumatic conveying - Dense phase pressure conveying

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Large flow, low speed and long distance transfer

Rate: 2 to 100 t./h.

The pneumatic conveying dense phase is a system particularly adapted to very abrasive materials.

PALAMATIC PROCESS offers the procedure Macawber/Mactenn that uses the valve INFLATEK in order to transfer the material to the powder handling manufacturing line. This dense phase pressure conveyor system is suitable for very abrasive product, at all throughput and all temperatures. 

Main advantages

  • Reduce abrasion and segregation
  • Long distances transfer
  • Important flows
  • Optimized design to meet special needs
  • All industries

Operating mode

In this type of pneumatic conveyor, the valve cuts the product flow below the transfer tank. This tank or transfer sluice is fitted with a double case and a special output elbow that allows to send the product slowly to the pneumatic conveyor piping. This completely patented thrust dense phase (pneumatic) sluice procedure allows us to ensure the elbows for up to two years against abrasion, and to provide a guarantee of 1,000,000 operating valve cycles before general revision. Furthermore, the dispatching valve can be cooled by water circulation, which allows to send products at very high temperature in the process.

Dense phase pressure conveying system Palamatic Process


  • Product is inserted in the sluice
  • Valve is closed in the product
  • Controlled air introduction
  • The operation is renewed up to cancellation



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Drawing example of installation

Exemple-implantation-transport-pneumatique-palamatic-process.png   Exemple-implantation-transport-pneumatique-palamatic-process2.png



pneumatic conveying dense phase pressure palamatic

Pipe elbow with abrasion protection



. Anti-abrasion "material cushion" bend
. Anti-abrasion bend with reinforced extrados
. D10 bend

The piping elements significantly improve the lifetime of the pneumatic conveying applications submitted to abrasion transport including in corrosive or high temperature environments.



Butterfly valve switch

We also provide the following switching systems:

. Manual
. Pneumatic by-pass with valve
. Pneumatic spool switch
. Pinch valve
. Butterfly valve switch

Compression connector

Compression for attaching together smooth and rigid pipes.



. Rapid (clamp): allows the connection of two rigid tubes. The ends of the tube must be fitted with smooth flanges.
. Flange: Allows the connection between two rigid pipes but also between any device provided with a flange. Fixing is carried using bolt and nut.
. SMS: quick coupling to be screwed. For use with SMS rigid tubes but also between any device equipped with SMS connection
. Collar and electrical continuity: clamps








Flexible piping

. Electrical continuity provided by metal spiral
. FDA: food finish
. Reinforced for abrasive products
. Manufacturing: Polyurethane
. Transparent for view of the product passing

Pinch valve with pressure switch

. Metering and control solution for products such as granules, powders, dusts or laden fluids.
. The manufacturing of the body provides a 100% sealing of the fluid conveyed 
. The maximum pressure is between 2 and 6 bar 
. Minimal resistance to friction


Pressure switch

Electronic sensor providing the control of the dosing of the powder in the conveying piping.

Rigid piping

. Pipe without inner welding (rate 10) 
304 or 316 stainless steel or mild steel manufacturing
. Anti-abrasion coating (PU, thickness of steel)

Spool switch

Pneumatic spool switch

We also provide the following switching systems:

. Manual
. Pneumatic by-pass with valve
. Pneumatic spool switch
. Pinch valve
. Butterfly valve switch



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Additional equipment

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