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Pneumatic conveying and ashes storage

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Ashes pneumatic conveying and storage

Processed materials: ashes

Incineration plant

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The installation involves a dense phase pressure pneumatic conveying or ashes from smoke purification residues from household waste incineration. The material is difficult to transfer because it is highly abrasive (corrosive environment).

In order to ensure a flow rate of 30m³/h., the conveying chamber is equipped with a hopper 1.5 times the volume of the airlock upstream. This upstream buffer hopper ensures a force-feeding of the airlock and a very short filling rate. This dense phase pressure pneumatic conveying operates at a flow rate of 30m³/h. and can feed 3 silos. The conveying is carried out over a length of pipe of 60 meters with an elevation of 20 meters.


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Conveying of bulk materials with high abrasiveness
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