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Vertical ribbon mixer - Discontinuous ECD

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Industrial discontinuous vertical mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling


Easy clean Design Palamatic

Small dimensions


Morotor vertical ribbon mixer: high mixing quality due to the three-dimensional effect

The vertical mixer with single shaft performs quality mixing of dry, moist and viscous materials. This mixer is ideal for the food industry as it complies with hygienic standards. It provides excellent mixing results, regardless of the materials to be mixed, through the helical movement of the central blade. 

Birotor vertical ribbon mixer: mixing solution for dry, moist and viscous materials

The double vertical shaft mixer offers a delicate treatment of dry, wet and sticky materials during mixing operations. The spiral blade of the vertical mixer activates a three-dimensional mixing of materials. This mixer can be used for dry powder, wet suspensions, liquid or pasty materials.


Knife mixer
  • Complexity of mixtures
  • Rate
  • Hygiene
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Equipment advantages

- Small dimensions
- Discharge valve included
- Wide doors for maximum accessibility
- Cleaning in place (CIP)
- Optional side shear blades
- Polished welded parts for a hygienic finish
- Multiple material entries possible
- Can be mounted on load cells for dosing operations


View our equipment in photos

Easy Clean Design Mixer

Vertical powder mixer

Industrial powder mixer on a mixing and feeding line for raw materials for cementing in the nuclear sector.

hatch on mixer

Industrial powder mixer

Powder mixer on an industrial liming line for sewage sludge from a big bag discharge.

multi inlet mixer

Mixing line and baby food homogenization

Client: food factory
Materials: milk powder and vitamins
Installation details: loading of ingredients packed in big bags and sacks with pre-weighing in a dedicated room to ensure complete hygiene.

monorotor industrial mixer

Food powder mixing solution

Powder mixer on a raw bulk material de-packing line, masterbatch mixing preparation and incorporation on an extruder line.

cip mixer

CIP system for industrial mixers

Cleaning nozzle in place placed in the hopper of the industrial mixer.

double rotor vertical industrial mixer

Premix for spread manufacturing

Dairy products powder processing line
Materials: milk powder, sugar, alginate cocoa
Installation details: preparation and mixing line with manufacturing in masked time for introduction into a powder disperser. This technology was chosen for its cleanability and sanitation characteristics considering the absence of bearing in the mixing. The prepared mixture is packed in industrial containers thus allowing management of masked time.

mono rotor vertical mixer

Vertical mixer for food applications

Industrial powder mixer on a process line for mixing and packing phytotherapeutic materials.

industrial vertical mixer

Industrial vertical mixer

Internal view of the polished mirror vertical mixer.

vertical mixer unloading valve

Discharging valve on vertical mixer

Powder mixer on industrial mixing and raw material supplying line.


Technical specification

  • Vertical move of the material
  • Soft brewing of all the contents
  • High quality mixing and short cycles
  • Filling level from 10% to 100% of the volume
  • Minimum space between the walls and belt to prevent any material agglomeration
  • No retention, continuous movement of the materials to be mixed


Morotor vertical ribbon mixer VM

Industrial discontinouous mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling

















Models Mixing capacity (l.) A B C D Power kW
 VM    500 500 2,050 1,900 880 1,115 7,5
 VM 1 000 1,000 2,050 2,155 1,212 1,200 11
 VM 1 500 1,500 2,250 2,600 1,410 1,235 11
 VM 2 000 2,000 2,350 2,600 1,515 1,500 15
 VM 3 000 3,000 2,350 3,550 1,515 2,200 22
 VM 4 000 4,000 2,750 3,400 1,900 1,900 3

Morotor vertical ribbon mixer VTM

Vertical mixer Palamatic Process


Models Mixing capacity (l.) A B C D E Power kW
 VTM 1 000 1,000 1,780 1,610 145 450 990 11
 VTM 1 500 1,500 1,950 1,760 145 520 1,140 15
 VTM 2 000 2,000 2,170 1,960 145 620 1,280 22
 VTM 2 500 2,500 2,500 1,935 145 710 1,250 22
 VTM 3 000 3,000 2,500 1,940 145 710 1,415 30
 VTM 4 000 4,000 2,780 2,140 145 710 1,560 37
 VTM 5 000 5,000 3,040 2,260 145 710 1,680 45




Available options

  • Industrial mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling
    Industrial mixer - Bulk materials and powder handling

    inspection hatch

    The inspection hatch allows to control and validate the good quality of the material mixture. In addition, the hatch facilitates access to all internal parts of the mixer to ensure complete cleaning. 

  • Industrial blender - Bulk materials and powder handling
    Industrial blender - Bulk materials and powder handling

    Weighing of the mixer

    Load cells to inform the process about the quantity of powder introduced.

Case studies
  • Infant milk powder preparation

    Product concerned: infant milk powder - Infant milk powder preparation - Industrial specialized in baby food production - The process consist of conditionning infant milk powder in diverse containing:...
  • Mixing process for baby food

    Processed powders: micronutrient powders - Mixing process for baby food - The customer is a Swedish manufacturer for an international distributor.
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