EasyFlow® Confined system

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Confined bulk bag dump station with glove box - High rate

Rate from 20 to 40 bags/hour
Capacity: 2 tons/bag
Goals: Automatic cutting, containment & safety


The PALAMATIC PROCESS high rate big bag unloading system allows powder handling and deconditioning big bags automatically, without any human intervention. The phases of cutting, handling and evacuating big bags are autonomous. The only task ensured by the operator is the fixation of the big bag on the handling cross.   Logo_Test_Center_Palamatic_Process.pngTest Center booklet


Technical specifications
Rate 20 to 40 bags/hour
Manufacturing materials painted steel, stainless steel 304L and 316L
Finishing RAL 9006, microblasted, electropolishing
Installed power 5 kw (according to the option)
Compressed air consumption  
Operating pressure 6 bar
Rate expected for connection to dust collection 3000 m³/hour
Maximum big bag dimension (lengh x widt x height) 1 200 x 1 200 x 2400 mm/ other customized models
Inlet 4-20 mA
Inlet TOR 6
Oulet TOR 4
Operating mode
1. Bag fixation and setting up by the operator
2. Bag displacement inside the discharging station (hoist automatic pilot)
3. Automatic cutting and discharging of the big bag
4. Fibc massage (optional) and product crushing
5. Automatic bag release
6. Empty bag compacting
7. Automatic control of the accumulation of big bags to be emptied and pallets automatic palletizing
The design office PALAMATIC PROCESS is also able to offer very specific solutions.




discharge and transfer to tanks fine chemical processing industry bag discharging system palamatic process fibc unloading unit and pneumatic conveying big bag FIBC unloading system palamatic fibc unloading unit with electric hoist loading big-bag-discharging-system-with-forklift-2.jpg dust proof telescopic tube for big bag discharging system operator-with-fibc-discharging-station-containment-glove-box-palamatic.jpg contained big bag discharging device palamatic



1. Monorail hoist
2. Handling cross with automatic release of the big bag and hoist weigher
3. Tube structure
4. Enclosure cabinet and hinged doors
5. Massage system
6. Shaped spike to burst the super sack
7. Dedusting system connection
8. Vibrating protection screen
9. Granulator (according to the option)
10. Bag compactor
11. Platform for operator


tension system for big bags

Handling cross with tension system

To allow optimum unloading of the super sack, an autonomous tension system of the sides of the big bag is offered as an option. This system avoids the retention pockets and ensures optimum emptying without loss of product and without operator intervention.

security baffle

Security baffle

Security baffles ensuring correct attachment of the straps of the big bag (possibility of a different design).

glove box on fibc unloading unit

Glove box

Handling of toxic chemicals and contaminants.
The gloves are installed on the door of the unlacing box and fitted on round PVC gloves. Spring clips ensure containment and closure. A neon implanted outside through a plexiglass facilitates the operations of opening the big bag.
The glove box allows the user to manipulate the big bag without being in contact with different products that may be toxic. Indeed, the glove box will allow the user to undo the knot of the super sack to allow its discharge. A screen is added in the cabinet to secure the process.
The gloves manufacturing material is adapted to the requirements of your products.



Dust proof telescopic tube

It allows a dust proof connection of the big bag and tension on the cuff of the big bag.
The double envelope telescopic tube is connected to a flat ring through spring clips. The pneumatic cylinder allows the operator to adjust the connection height to fit different types of big bags. The dust-proof connection is made with a sealing ring and an inflatables eal product to avoid the product retentions.

Duopal sack and fibc unloading unit

Combined big bag and sack unloading unit

The Duopal unit enables the opening of sacks and super sacks on the same point of discharge.

electrical hoist

Electric hoist

The electric hoist allows the handling of big bags by all operators (job autonomy). It is set up on a handling trackway manufactured from mild steel (IPE).

The hoist includes a complete electrical supply with flexible wirings and chain storage. The lifting and the translatory movement of the big bag are controlled by the operator, via the button box.

de dusting ring

Dedusting ring

It enables to create a uniform air flow in the periphery of the tray to optimize the dust extraction when emptying the big bag. The ring is mounted on the receiver plate. It consists of a split tube and a pipe for connection to the de-dusting unit. It is manually operated to adjust or close off the suction flow.

v shape spike to burst the big bag

"V" shaped spike to burst the big bag

This spike allows the opening of the big bag without any direct action from the operator. It is especially utilized when using "full bleed" big bags ("V" shaped spike).

Once the big bag is placed on the unloading station, the operator takes the big bag down thanks to a hoist and put it down on the main tray. The force applied by the weight of the product on the blades allows a direct cut of the bottom of the big bag.

For the big bags with a spout, the spike is shaped like a “U” and allows the opening of the big bag at the level of its spout.

u shape spike to burst the big bag

"U" shaped spike to burst the big bag

This spike allows the opening of the big bag without any direct action from the operator. It is especially utilized when using "full bleed" big bags ("V" shaped spike).

Once the big bag is placed on the unloading station, the operator takes the big bag down thanks to a hoist and put it down on the main tray. The force applied by the weight of the product on the blades allows a direct cut of the bottom of the big bag.

For "full bleed" big bags, the spike shaped like a “V” allowing the opening of the big bag from the bottom.


Fibc massage system

To improve the flow of the product : pneumatic actuators implanted on the lower part of the structure break the domes and eliminate caking (2, 4 or 6 actuators depending on the type of powder).

Possible option: vibrating tray : tray implanted on silent-blocks to optimize the flow of the product. The massage solution may be offered as independent equipment to prepare the big bags before unloading.


Control valve

To stop or simply control the product flow.

The PALAMATIC control valve enables the operator to stop very flowing products or to control the flow: a pneumatic valve strangles the spout of the big bag.

This valve is actuated by pneumatic cylinders and allows the operator to stop or regulate the flow of the powders at any time by a switch located on the control panel.


Commercial dosing and weighing

Weight of the big bag unloading unit for an accurate feeding of the downstream process.

The complete system for unloading the big bags is set on 4 load cells. To avoid any risk of tipping of the structure, the wheelbase is increased.


Lump breaker

Our lump breakers are the ideal solution for the crushing of materials that tend to form lumps.

The device permits to break the lumps that develop during the process of production or transportation of friable materials in powder or grain.


Fibc compactor

The Palamatic big bag compactor reduces the volume of waste and keep a healthy atmosphere without dust. It can be fitted on one side or the other of the structure.

See our fibc compactor.


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Additional equipment

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