Granulator standard models

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Deagglomerating materials that tend to cake

Range models : GR20, GR35, GR50 & GR70

Models GR20 GR35 GR50 GR70
Dimensions of the passing flange in mm* 200 x 200  200 x 450 300 x 650 400 x 900
Theoretical flow in m³/h. 2 3 10 15

Main advantages

  • High flow rate
  • Auge removable and interchangeable
  • Removable grill
  • Safety in use
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Experience in multi-product proved
  • Risk of cross contamination zero

The implementation of a grinder greatly facilitates the flow of material and its subsequent use. It deagglomerates the product by the action of rotary blades forcing the passage of product through a sizing screen.

The lump breaker - grinder is made of three or four chamfered paddles or scraper blades mounted on the radius of a 90 ° shaft. Lumps come against a sieve which mesh size should be defined (standard mesh 5x5, 10x10, 30x30, 50x50mm) and disintegrate.
Depending on the product, removable bars provide a first "breaking" of the clods. The lump breaker can be installed transversely (over the entire width of the machine) to ensure a high flow rate.


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granulator granulator for industrial process granulator for powder granulator on automated line industrial granulator industrial granulator for powder powder industry granulator granulator on automated production line industrial granulator drawing


granulator specifications drawing palamatic process

1. Engine
2. Blades "scraper"
3. Apart bearings

4. Grid calibration
5. First crushing with removable bars
6. Flange fully open

The granulator offers excellent reliability of desagglomeration. Designed with a high mechanical resistance, it does not only offer safety and efficiency of use but also easy maintenance and cleaning. The risk of cross contamination are nil. The granulator PALAMATIC is available in painted steel, stainless steel 304 and 316L and adapts well the requirements of each process.


  • Grid calibration easily removed and cleaned (drawer system)
  • Ø crossing adjustable for each product
  • inlet and outlet flange fully open
  • Apart bearings, sealing with grounding straps and cable glands
  • Scraper blades or chamfered paddles
  • Engine 5.5 kilowatts
  • Rotation speed 60 rev / min (adjustable by inverter)

Perforated metal sheet:

Tole granulateur poudre 1 Tole granulateur industriel 2 Tole granulateur conseil industriel 3 Tole granulateur ligne production 4




Additional equipment