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IQF unpacking and crushing line

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Case study reference :
Ligne de concassage de fruits surgelés

Processed products: blackcurrent, cherries, bananas, raspberries, peaches

Frozen fruit process

IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) big bag and cardboard box discharger
Processed products: frozen blackcurrants, frozen cherries. 

A Duopal® combined station is used to discharge big bags and unpack IQF boxes on the same workstation.
The big bag is placed using an electric hoist. The frozen fruit from the big bag is dumped into an open receiving hopper with an overflow protection chute.

IQF unpacking and crushing line

Pêches surgelées

IQF unpacking and crushing line

 Cerises congelées avec noyaux

Crusher on process line

 Concasseur à rouleaux

Bag unpacking and fruit shedding station 
Processed products: frozen raspberries, frozen bananas, frozen peach puree.

The deagglomeration station for frozen fruit and frozen purée consists of an open hopper, equipped with a tray for depositing the containers, which is used to discharge IQF blocks. A GR70 granulator is positioned under this hopper to ensure the separation and crumbling of these frozen blocks. A support holds the station in place above the customer tank.
A two-hand control ensures that the equipment is controlled safely.

A central operator access platform provides access to the discharge/crushing station, the deagglomeration station and the control cabinet. It also allows the pallet containing the IQF cardboard boxes to be positioned.

Frozen apricots crusher

 Pêches surgelées

lumps of frozen fruit

 Blocs de purée de fruits surgelés

Crushed fruit puree

 Bloc de purée de fruits surgelés concassés

Frozen orange skins

Peaux d'oranges surgelées

Frozen fruit production line
Frozen fruit discharger and crushing line


Big bag & sack discharging - Untying box - Duopal DP0

Unlacing cabinet, Sack discharging unit, Big bag discharging unit

Granulator - 4 models

Deagglomerate materials having tendency to cake

Industrial automation - Pal'Touch®

Programmable automatons for a precise monitoring of your production line.
production line palamatic process

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