Bag manipulator

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Effortless vacuum lifting for increased productivity

Sacks up to 110kg, ATEX standards
Painted steel, stainless steel version with pharmaceutical or food processing finish
  normes atex certified palamatic process

Main specifications of the equipment

A market leader for 20 years in terms of designing powder handling solutions, manufacturing and installing handling systems. PALAMATIC PROCESS is today unmatched in the world of suction lifting.When sacks have to be handled, PALAMATIC PROCESS vacuum systems offer efficiency and safety. The bag handling is conducted without efforts by only one operator.

Solutions for all types of sacks

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Hessian cloth (spike and suction pad system to lift grain sacks)
  • Aluminium

Main advantages

  • Effortless lifting
  • Greater productivity
  • Increased operators safety
  • Increased operators performance




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Bag manipulator presentation

1. Direct transmission pumping unit, significantly reduces maintenance and noise (75 dB)
2. Air filter for handling sacks of dust-producing materials
3. Triangulated beam angle on a drum 3 m high, to ensure a 1,700 mm. lifting run
4. Air supply tube
5. Lifting tube 360° free rotation
6. Lower vacuum head equipped with a control handle with a barrel for stabilizing the load at any height without any adjustment. Ergonomic design, approved without handle extension
7. Wide gripping vacuum pad to better grip sacks without deforming them

manipulateur sac schema

Sacks handling is a problem for many industries. The sacks hoisting system may be used for all types of sacks up to 110kg. The operator can maintain a rate of 6 to 9 sacks per minute (depending on the surface to be covered).

Optimal safety

A safety system is integrated to all systems, protecting the operator in case of a power failure: the tube is released slowly, and the load is placed slowly on the floor. There is no risk of load fall –our systems are used for handling of glasses, car windscreens, TVs, etc.)
The system requires very little maintenance, and offers high efficiency.


Common applications

  • Palettization

  • Depalletization

  • Sacks unloading unit feeding...

Examples of implementation

implantation manutention sac 1 implantation manutention sac 2 implantation manutention sac 3

Used to cover large surface areas. Supported by fixed columns or an existing metallic construction

With a telescopic rotating beam to reach limited-access areas

With a raised rotating beam to reach areas with limited heights

implantation manutention sac 4 implantation manutention sac 5 implantation manutention sac 6

Beam angle on pivoting drum

Inverse beam angle on pivoting drum

Wall and / or articulated beam angle




Additional equipment