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Discharge of bags for feeding a mixing tank

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Case study reference:
Bag dump station for mixing tank feeding

Processed powders : flake soda, lime powder, potash, magnesia

Shampoo production


This company in the cosmetics industry is involved in the implementation of industrial installations.

In the current process, a 100-liter powder hopper feeds a 1200-litre tank in a gravitational manner. This powder hopper is completely emptied using a bottom valve that opens 100%.

The objective is to feed this powder hopper with a manual bag dumping system Sacktip® S. The equipment includes a removable a 200mm wide tray. The manual bag emptying station is Sacktip® S provided with a cleaning nozzle that allows the system to be cleaned in place.

Each bag weigh 25 kg and has the following dimensions: 400mm x 600mm.

The operator, using a vacuum bag manipulator, lifts the bag from the pallet and positions it above the powder hopper. He then places this bag on the removable tray (admissible load 25/ 50 Kg) and manually opens the bag using a manual cutting system.

Once the cutting operation is performed, the operator opens the door and shakes the empty bag. The powder remaining in the bag flows in a gravitary way into the powder hopper equipped with an electric vibrator that facilitates the discharge of the powder.

The empty bag is then evacuated into the polyethylene compaction sheath located on the side of the main body of the bag dump station. This configuration eliminates the rejection in the workshop of any residual dust remaining in the empty bags.

An industrial dust collector is clamped on the machine body and allows the operator to work in a healthy atmosphere, without pollution and without product loss.

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