Pneumatic conveying - Dilute phase pressure conveying

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Dilute phase pneumatic conveying with booster for powders, bulk materials

This pneumatic conveyor for powder handling in dilute phase, generally thrust, allows to carry pulverulent products at high throughput rate along important distances (not fragile products). This pneumatic conveyor in dilute phase by thrust lies in the use of wheel feeders (rotary valves) allowing to introduce measured doses of product in the piping. Regular application of pneumatic conveyor in dilute phase by thrust: silos emptying and silo filling. normes atex certified palamatic process

Main advantages

  • In pneumatic conveyor in dilute phase by thrust, the material dilution rate in the air is very important, and therfore requires a high throughput rate of air to transfer the material.
  • The greatest advantage of pneumatic conveyor in dilute phase by thrust is the ability to supply several reception points as from a supply point.
  • The disadvantages of pneumatic conveyor in dilute phase by thrust: the least interesting speed to save during operation. Not convenient for fragile or abrasive materials or materials where the size of particles is highly variable.



big bags unloading unit wtih pneumatic conveying dilute phase pressure conveying pinch valves switch booster dilute phase pneumatic conveying powder process booster inside view dilute phase pneumatic conveying palamatic connection booster for dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems palamatic pneumatic transfer to feed vibrating dosing system rotary valve penumatic conveying rotary valve with full opening for transfer supply silo feeding vacuum pipe line pneumatic conveying valve and switch supercharger dilute phase pressure conveying


A booster sends air under pressure (with control) by a valvein the transfer piping with a high traverse speed (24 to 30 m/s).
This air is mixed with the product and conveyed up to the end of the line. Air-product separation is ensured by a filtration system followed by a reception hopper and a distribution rotary valve (in most cases).

big bag unloading automatic sack opening unit and pneumatic conveying 2

Sacks and big bags unloading with pneumatic conveying

In the petrochemical sector, this installation concerns the treatment of polypropylene: emptying sacks and big bags, pneumatic conveying and filling trucks (25 t./h.) in a refinery.

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discharge and transfer to tanks

Discharge and transfer to several tanks

Big bag and sack discharging device with pneumatic conveying of animal feed additives to several tanks with a throughput rate of 6 tons/hour .

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Additional equipment

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