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Sugar depacking and conveying line

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Case study reference :
Sugar depacking and conveying line

Processed materials: crystal sugar

Loading silos with sugar 


This installation concerns a Martinican soda company that wants to increase its production.

A container tipper is used to feed the pressure pneumatic conveying network to feed 2 silos of 50 tons.
The material handled, crystal sugar, is no longer delivered in bags because the quantities are too important.

The sugar is therefore delivered using maritime storage containers fitted with internal bags. These containers (20 feet) are transported by truck and then positioned on a tipping frame that permits the container to be tilted in order to carry out unloading.

The container can be handled using two systems: 

  • Loading of the maritime container on the tipper is made using the handling arm fitted to the delivery trucks.
  • The tipper takes charge of the container directly: the truck positions its trailer between the " grips " of the tipper. Once in place, the grips lock the container, raise it so that the truck can move forward and release the trailer.

Operation mode:

  • Put the container on the tipper, by the truck's handling arm system or taken over by the tipper
  • Opening the container doors and connecting the drain hose.
  • Lifting the tipper to the up position - Start of the container tipping and conveying cycle.

At the outlet of the discharge pipe, an EC50 lump breaker breaks up the sugar lumps that have formed during the various storage and transport phases. The sugar is then taken up again using a trough conveying screw to feed a centrifugal screen, thus guaranteeing the food quality of the sugar. A PES200 side-pass airlock valve, positioned downstream of the screener, feeds a diluted phase high pressure pneumatic conveying system (booster).
Sugar is thus conveyed over a distance of 200 m. to feed the 2 industrial silos with a total capacity of 100 tons. A magnetic bar separator is installed on the pneumatic conveying pipes.

In order to comply with current agri-food regulations, particular care is taken to ensure that equipment is easy to clean and that the process is secure against external contamination (cratering of the supply area).



Blow-through rotary airlock valve RVSC

Bulk materials, Controlled feeding, Capacity 5 to 38 liters/revolution

Lump breaker - 3 models

Crushing, Lump breaking, Granulating

Magnetic detector

Ferrous separator for gravity application on industrial production lines.

Pneumatic conveying - Dilute phase pressure conveying - 7 models

Bulk materials, High rate flow, Long distance conveying

Trough screw conveyor

Continuous conveying of bulk or powdery materials
production line palamatic process

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