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Tank unloading using a booster

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Case study reference:
Tank unloading using a booster

Processed powder: wheat flour with an apparent density of 600 kg/m³

Flour unloading


Specialist in the manufacture of industrial bakery and pastry products.


Flour unloading from tanks to storage silos.

Flour discharges operations were very noisy due to the blowers on the tankers. The customer wanted a quieter installation for its production staff.

The quality of the air used was not filtered, so foreign bodies or impurities could be introduced into the raw materials during the unloading process.

The customer therefore wanted an air filtration system.


Industrial equipment Palamatic Process

Blower for pneumatic conveying:

The booster is used to transfer flour from the tank to the external storage silos.

Palamatic Process has built an independent blower with a custom-made soundproof cover to connect to the tanks. Thanks to this new installation, noise pollution has been considerably reduced.

In addition, a filtration system is present on the blower to control the air quality used for the conveyance.

Summary (results obtained):

- Much quieter shifts (61dB)

- Controlled food safety (filtered air + food booster oil)

Tank unloading using a booster
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