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Handling of crushed egg shells

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Case study reference :
Egg product processing lines

Processed materials: crushed egg shells

Blower for feeding containers


The function of the equipment is to collect crushed egg shells from a crusher / grinder placed downstream of automatic breakers. 
The pneumatic conveying is then ensured by overpressure to 2 collecting tanks, a pneumatic switch ensures the selection of the target tank.

The installation is designed to evacuate 2,500 kg of shells per hour, with an apparent density of 1,000 kg/m³.

(Blower for pneumatic conveying: 2,500kg/h for a product density of : 1,000 kg/l. The blower feeds the pneumatic conveying of the shells at the outlet of the rotary airlock valve positioned under a receiving hopper for shells.)

The blow through rotary airlock valve is used to extract and supply the pneumatic conveying line.
The dismantling of the rotary airlock valve is fast thanks to the guide rails. Cleaning can therefore be carried out easily and safely by production personnel. 

The pneumatic by-pass is used to dispatch the bulk material at the exit of the pneumatic conveying to two reception points, in a controlled and automatic way.

The complete installation is located in a protective enclosure that ensures the safety of the installation by preventing access by operators to dangerous areas.

An electrical control cabinet is used to control the production line.


Drop-through rotary airlock valve

Rate from 2.2 to 19.5 liters/rev., Extraction and dosing under hopper, silo, cyclone...

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production line palamatic process

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