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Lysine unloading, dosing and milling process for mixer feeding

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Case study reference:
Crushing mill for lysine

Treated powder: lysine

Grinding line


Lysine characteristics: bulk density of 610 kg/m³ - particle sizes from 600 to 800 µm

Objective: achieve a milled particle size of 225μm with an incoming feed particle size range of 600-800μm. The customer's target throughput rate is 750 kg/hr.

A big bag discharger with electric hoist loading and telescopic tube EasyFlow® 125 is used for the manual opening of big bags. This equipment is designed for an ATEX 22 zone and capable of limiting dust emissions while facilitating the flow of the lysine material. The big bag is set up using an electric hoist and includes an access platform which allows the lysine to be discharged into the dispenser.
A D12 screw feeder is used to regulate the feed rate of the lysine into the grinder. The feeding mechanism was used to achieve a rate of 750 kg/h. The screw feeder is essential to control the rate of lysine into the pin mill for smooth and efficient performance.

The PolyMill® UM 315 operates at a rate of 750 kg/hr in an ATEX 20/22 zone. The PolyMill® pin mill is the ideal solution for reducing the particle size of a wide variety of bulk materials. The grinding medium are interchangeable and can therefore be adapted to various bulk solids. The pin mill discharges into a receiving hopper which is located at the end of the pneumatic conveying line. A cyclone-filter ensures the efficient separation of air, material and fine dust.


The electrical control cabinet controls the integrated process by using the following features:

  • Emergency stop button
  • Disconnectors
  • Under voltage indicators
  • Voltage 400 V tri 50 Hz (Power)
  • Voltage 24 V DC (Control)

A touch screen is set up to enable the operator to easily navigate through the various equipment menus.

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