Manual bag dump station

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Ergonomic and contained solutions offering a perfect solution for your bag dump station

Optional integrated dust extraction
Mild steel or stainless steel construction


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Main characteristics of the equipment

PALAMATIC PROCESS bag openers (also known as manual bag dump station or manual dumping stations) are designed to significantly reduce the air pollution hazards from dust emissions during the manual process of opening and emptying sacks.

Manual sack opening system model/ Bag dump station 800 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm 1400 mm
Length of the sacks 650 mm 850 mm 1050 mm 1250 mm
Rate expected for connection to dust collection  800 m³/h. 1000 m³/h. 1200 m³/h.  1400 m³/h.
Hopper volume 103 liters 173 liters 236 liters 370 liters

Operating mode

The operator places the bag on a tray manually or using a vacuum tube lifter and position it on the screen situated above the discharge hopper.

The cutting operation performed, the operator opens the door and shake the empty bag. The bag is evacuated through the compactor, which reduces the volume of waste in a polyethylene sheath and eliminates rejection in the workshop of any residual dust in the bags.

Fonctionnement vide sac manuelFonctionnement vide sac ligne production industrielleFonctionnement vide sac poudre


Main advantages

  • Perfect ergonomics: the working position of the operator is effective and safe
  • Work environment free of dust
  • Optional : Nozzles for cleaning in place (CIP)




conveying system manual sack opening equipment conveying system manual sack opening systems powder industrial conveying system manual sack opening unit bag compactor integrated bag dump station industrial pneumatic transfer manual sack opening systems manual sack opening equipment conveying system manual sack opening equipment industrial automation for assembly line manual sack opening equipment powder coating automation line pneumatic transfer manual sack opening systems manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_1.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_3.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_4.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_5.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_6.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_7.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_10.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_11.JPG manual-sack-opening-system-palamatic-process_12.jpg bag-unloader manual-bag-opener.jpg


Technical specifications

The PALAMATIC PROCESS sack cabinet consists of an inlet trap mounted on a gas spring, an inner sieve for sack support (mesh defined according to your needs) and an output spout sized according to each case. The volume of the sack unloading hopper is based on the process needs. It is fitted with a sack compactor in order to protect the operator from potential exposure to dust during unloading.

characteristics manual sack opening systems   1. Jib crane
2. Sack lifter
3. Sack compactor
4. Dust extractor
5. Dust extractor ventilation
6. Dust-proof door
7. Sack opening unit
8. Security screen
9. Tablet to put down sacks

Examples of implantation

manual sack openeing systems implantation   implantation manual sack openening systems
Mixer fed with manual sack opening 
unit and screw conveyor
  Sacks unloading, sifting with pneumatic conveying 
transfer to unload the hopper



palamatic vibratory screener

Vibratory screen integrated

Directly implanted under the screen, the vibratory sifter provides continuous control of the product. The discharge chute is connected to the vibrating sieve via a flexible spout ensuring sealing.
By design, the vibrating sifter does not have retention areas and its mounting by dual flanges and gaskets ensures easy and high-quality assembly and disassembly.

lump breaker palamatic process

Integrated lump breaker

Our lump breakers are the ideal solution for the crushing of materials that tend to form lumps.
The device enables to break the lumps that develop during the process of production or transportation of friable materials in powder or grain.


sack compactor

Sack compactor

The sack compactor PALAMATIC enables to reduce waste and maintains a healthy, dust-free environment. It can be mounted on one side or the other of the hopper.

industrial round dust collector

Dust collecting

PALAMATIC provides on its sack dumping units dust extraction devices with integrated unclogging system set up at the top of unit.
The dust collector will keep a dust-free work environment and effectively protect the operator. The dedusting unIt can be provided as an independant or integrated device equipped with a dust collection hopper connected to a clamped bucket.

sack manipulator to belt conveyor automatic sack opening systems

Bag manipulator

Handling system for effortless vacuum lifting by a single operator for safely hopper filling.

glove compartment manual sack opening systems

Glove box

Enable optimal containment.

lift table manual sack opening systems

Lifting table

To place the bag in an ergonomic position for the user.

machine feeding conveyor belt

Belt conveyor

To provide a buffer storage upstream of the sack unloading unit.

weighing system


Implementation of load cells on the discharge hopper to inform the process of the quantity of powder introduced.

pneumatic cutting device on manual sack opening unit

Pneumatic cutting system

To facilitate operations, we offer a sacks holding and cutting system actuated by pneumatic cylinders.


Nozzles for cleaning in place (CIP)


Nozzles or rotating washing heads for cleaning in place (CIP). 
To ensure product changes without cross-contamination, the washing nozzles are installed in the station drain bag. Pressure washing nozzles 3 bars. Technology : Rotating 360 °.
extrusion process feeding dosing palamatic

Feeding and dosing of an extrusion line

In the petrochemical sector, implementation of a complete skid to feed an extruder.

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loading resins into atex20 pressurised reactors

Loading resins into Atex 20 pressurised reactors

Complete installation in the petrochemical industry: fibc and sacks discharging unit with suction pneumatic conveying.

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unloading transfer and feeding into a reactor

Discharge, transfer and dosing to a reactor

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Additional equipment

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