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Mixture of ingredients for infant preparations

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Case study reference:
Milk powder mixing line

Processed powder: infant milk powder

Milk powder mixing line 

The customer is a manufacturer of infant milk powder.

Objective: preparation of the infant mix based on milk powder and specific ingredients according to market demands and the targeted milk segments: infant milk, second age milk, growth milk. The composition of infant milk varies constantly; the additions and dosages of specific powders change according to its ingredients: proteins, DHA fatty acid, vitamins...

The mixing line is totally cleanable with the complete dismantling of the equipment with our Palamatic-EasyClean range of equipment.

This infantile mixing line is made up of a sack and big bag deconditioning unit for the discharging of powders. Due to the general design in mixing tower mode, a gravity installation was chosen. The entire " tubing, hopper and pneumatic conveyor" design ensures minimum product retention to facilitate cleaning and ensure the overall hygiene and asepsis of the mixing tower.

Also, under the sack discharge station, a safety vibrating sieve ensures the gravity feed of the extractable double-shaft mixer through a rotating magnet. The big bag discharging station is connected to the horizontal mixer via a flexible BFM Fitting sleeve to permit weighing of the mixer.

Mixing tower for milk powder
Mixing tower for milk powder

To ensure a perfect recipe, each " level " of equipment includes integrated. The big bag discharge station is set up on load cells as well as the sack discharge station. All materials fed into the mixing line are weighed and scanned for total control and traceability. In the same way, the design of the automation program meets the global strategy of food safety: suggest / authorize / check, i.e.: the automaton informs the operator about the material to be introduced, authorizes the opening of the door, loads its contents through a piloted lock and finally the automaton, via the scales, makes sure that the weight introduced is correct and that the scanned code corresponds to the requested material. The mixer is also weighed, which makes it possible to cross-check the information from the sack dump stationand the big bag emptier.

The packaging line, installed at the mixer outlet via a hygienic buffer hopper, ensures continuity of production despite the batch function of the upstream line.

Easyclean rotary airlock valve
Easyclean hopper

Cleaning of powder handling equipment is carried out by dismantling and access to the heart of the systems. Sweeping and the use of wipes meet the requirement of high quality hygiene. The total open profile design of the equipment prohibits any retention of powders and gives full access for cleaning. Guide rails enable the agitator shafts to be removed from the mixer, access to the sieve grate (magnetic grid), access to the bottom of the buffer hopper as well as access to the rotary lock valve casing.
The platform permits access to all the equipment by the installation of a semi-level. This platform designed and manufactured by Palamatic Process is entirely made to measure to meet all project constraints: integration in the customer building, cleanability, access to all equipment for cleaning, heavy load support (1 ton big bag), rigidity for reliability and weighing accuracy.

Entirely designed in stainless steel, this mixing line for infant milk ensures a rate of 1.2 t./h with severe hygiene constraints and continuous feeding of the lid box line.

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