Vacuum pneumatic conveying systems - Powder pumps

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Vacuum conveying in dense phase for all types of powders and bulk material


   VFlow® 01                VFlow® 02              VFlow® 03                 VFlow® 04                    VFlow® 05

Flow rate from 5 to 10.000 l/h.
Steel, 304L and 316L stainless steel construction

3 main functions

1. Vacuum conveying
2. Dosing of the product conveyed
3. Weighing

normes atex certified palamatic process
The new generation powder pumps developed by the PALAMATIC PROCESS design office. Provides for dense vacuum transfer and prevents material deterioration continuously and confined in your powder handling production processes. Particularly suited to difficult materials (poor flow, fragility, abrasiveness, or explosive materials), this cyclone is easily installed in your environment with unlimited extension options. Suction from several feed points and / or feeding several points in your process. Coupled with weighing systems, it provides for weight-controlled introduction of raw materials. Also provides feeding a pressurized reactor vessel and feeding materials without added air.


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Main advantages   Ideal solution for feeding:
  • Flexibility of the system
  • Line purge
  • Clean In Place
  • Hygiene
  • Loading of the reactors under pressure
  • Easy implementation
  • All materials, all flows
  • No material degradation
  • Dust-laying (Triblender, Silverson)
  • Mixers
  • Tanks
  • Reactor



vacuum pneumatic conveying system for powder process palamatic feeding of a tank big bag filling by conveying system buffer hopper to feed pneumatic suction conveyor automatic feeding line to fill in buckets industrial automatic feeding line to fill in buckets conveying cyclone on weight cells pneumatic-conveying-reactor-loading-for-chemicals.png conveying cyclone with deported filter conveying system on fibc unloading unit pneumatic conveying big bag filling station palamatic process pneumatic conveying FIBC filling station powder transport palamatic process cyclone with integrated weighing disperser feeding with integrated weighing suction pneumatic transfer industrial suction conveying cyclone for suction conveying industrial powder handling industrial pneumatic conveying industrial pneumatic conveyor industrial suction pneumatic transfer loading with telescopic tube manual sack opening unit to feed conveying system conveying system palamatic multi arrivals of powdered products with dosing management pipe line vacuum pneumatic conveying cyclone pneumatic conveying line pneumatic conveying production line pneumatic conveying line industrial pneumatic conveying production line pneumatic conveying system atex pneumatic conveying system pneumatic conveying system palamatic pneumatic conveying system for powder pneumatic conveying cyclone on powder production line pneumatic conveying system feeding a vibratory sifter pneumatic conveying system with industrial sack opening unit pneumatic conveying to feed a powder dampener pneumatic transfer fed by industrial sack dumping unit pneumatic transfer for high precision dosing on extrusion line sacks dumping unit to feed pneumatic conveyor sacks dumping unit with lump breaker to feed pneumatic conveyor sacks unloading unit on buffer hopper to feed conveying system suction conveying fed by sacks manual unloading unit suction cyclone with integrated weighing suction from sack unloading unit to feed a dissolution tank suction pneumatic conveying line weighed vacuum hopper to feed a disperser through tank bottom Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process Pneumatic conveying dense phase - Palamatic Process vacuum-conveying-system.jpg




Models VF01 VF02 VF03 VF04 VF05
Overall dimensions in mm 660 820 1 070 1 070 1 100
Flowrate in t./h. 0 à 1 1 à 2,5 2,5 à 4 4 à 6 5 à 8
Ø Piping 38 51 63,5 76 104
Ø Product outlet 200 200 250 300 300

PALAMATIC offers the vacuum transport system V-Flow running on a dense phase principle.

The product is sucked through a vacuum pump (electric or pneumatic) to a arrival cyclone (cyclo-filter) with tangential arrival (cylindrical).

The product is sucked through a pneumatic conveyor gearbox installed at the point of withdrawal (no rotary valve) until the vacuum cyclone that is equipped with filters of small sizes to separate the air from the product. The vacuum cyclone is equipped with a butterfly valve (or other if the process requires) and a level probe allowing the emptying at regular intervals.

The rates obtained by this type of powder pumps are between 5 and 10 000 litres per hour with low energy consumption and extremely simple maintenance.

The other advantage of this powder system is the ease of the implementation of the weight control.

The cyclone vacuum may be located on loading cells allowing the suction and feeding of the conveyed product.

For incorporation of powder into liquids (powder skid), the powder pump solutions are often used because of their advantages:

  • weighing of the product
  • simple system
  • easy cleaning
  • simple piping that can be modified in the future.

The pneumatic conveyor gearbox can also be replaced with a sucking pipe handled by the operator.

This type of pump for powder is generally associated with weighing. Indeed, the hopper of departure may be located on load cells and a purge valve is shutting off product flow ensuring management of the fall.

On the contrary, the cyclone of reception can be implemented on load cells in order to extract from different points the right amount of product needed in the preparation of the premix.

All these transport systems by suction can be mounted directly under sacks unloading stations, big bags unloading units, containers, silos ...


industrial powder vibrating bin aerator


The vibrator facilitates the debridging and ensures fluidization of the product and ad well as a slight vibration.

spring balance pneumatic conveying

Weight cells

It enables to control the quantity of powder introduced when loading or discharging.


Suction pipe

Air can be blown into the tube when the product is clogging.
It enables the manual suction of the product when it is stored in drums or buckets for instance.

level sensor

Level sensor

The level probe detects the presence of the product at high level and stops feeding product by controlling the vacuum valve.
As this is an optional item, you may wish to control the product filling via a timer fitted in main control panel.

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Implementation of your equipment in hazardous areas.

pneumatic vibrator

Pneumatic vibrators

To optimize the flow of the product, we offer the establishment of a pneumatic vibrator located in the lower part of the cyclone on a dedicated mounting plate.

line drain system

Line drain system

It cleans the entire product passage piping after transfer and optimizes the drain of the piping at the end of loading. It is particularly used to avoid cross-contamination.

anti humid ascent tank

Anti humid ascent tank

It allows the chage of reaction under pressure.


vertical conception

Vertical conception

To optimize the unloading of the cyclone when handling difficult products.

deported filter

Deported filter

The pneumatic transfer solution with deported filter provides the following benefits:

  • The transfer of difficult products: the filter is protected and clogging is reduced
  • Optimizes the achievement of high flows (reduced losses)
  • Can also be used for separation of fines
  • Filter protection from any steam ascents when loading reactors
  • Integration of the fines in the process (no loss of product)
pneumatic conveying switch


It ensures the supply of several cyclones from one loading point, without retention of product in the pipeline.
The switches are available in diameters ranging from 51 to 250 mm.
The switches design incorporates inflating gaskets that ensures the sealing of the line without risk of leakage.

rotary nozzle cleaning


This option allows complete decontamination and cleaning of the system without human intervention.
It consists of a liquid separator and allows the in-line cleaning of the installation without disassembly. The cleaning water or the solvent circulates as the powder in the entire pipe and the cyclone, without retention zone. This option incorporates a
specific drying device. Steering is provided by the standard control panel of the installation.


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Additional equipment

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