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Feeding of kneading tank for aperitif cakes

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Case study reference:
Alimentation cuve de pétrissage gâteaux apéritifs

Processed powders : Starch, rice flour, oats

Weighing, conveying, dosing and transfer

The client’s goal was to open a new production line for aperitif cakes.

The main ingredients for this process are delivered in bulk bags and 50 lb. sacks.

Each batch needs to be fed to the customer's kneading tank needs within a few minutes. The client will have to extract the ingredients from the big bags and sacks, pass it through a control screener, measure the amount and convey to the kneading tank located several meters away from the ingredients discharging station.

For this line we use:

  • Our big bag unloading stations
  • Tubular screws for the extraction and conveying of the product
  • A vibrating sieve quality control
  • A pneumatic conveying system that will vacuum the product from the sieve and transfer it to the kneading tank (customer supply)

All components: weighing, unloading, sifting, dosing and conveying are controlled by our electrical cabinet, equipped with a PLC for automatic operation.


Ligne de production gâteaux apéritifs Palamatic
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