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Preparation and dosing workstation for metal powders

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Case study reference:
Metallic powders processing

Processed powders : Metallic powder (bulk density 5)

Skid for metallic powder

International company specialized in the rubber industry.

The facility must allow the company to treat the metal powder while avoiding the risk of inhalation and contact with the operator.

At the starting point, the powder is vacuumed from its initial packaging and stored in a drying tank. The operation is carried out using a dense phase VFlow® 01 vacuum pneumatic conveying system.

The drying process is ensured by a high temperature setting and a monitored atmosphere.

The operator who has to supply the downstream production lines requests the packaging of a precise dose via the control interface. This predefined dose is automatically sieved using a GSC 450 vibrating screen and metered by weight using a D12 screw feeder for potting.

All operations are automated and totally contained.

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Pneumatic conveying - Dense phase vacuum - VFlow® - 5 models

All bulk materials, No material degradation, Line purge

Screw feeder - 4 models from D10 to D13

Weight or volumetric dosing system, 24 to 6 458 liters/h.

Vibratory screener - 3 models

Hygiene, Safety of the process, Eliminate lumps, High rate, Easy cleaning
production line palamatic process

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