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Unpacking of drums of pharmaceutical raw materials

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Case study reference:
Drum dumper bulk powder handling - Palamatic Process

Processed powder: Mallow powder with a bulk density of 0.5 kg/m³

Powder incorporator feeding system (powder/liquid mixer)


Manufacturing requirements:
- Mirror polished finish
- Pharmaceutical design
- All stainless steel construction

This installation concerns a pharmaceutical manufacturing line for the production of medicines dispensed in sticks
The purpose of the installation is the vacuuming of mallow powder for liquid incorporation.

In the production room, the operator vacuums the stored mallow powder from the drums using a suction hose. This cane is supplied with air via a conveyor hose connected to the cyclone and is used to manually vacuum the powder. The pneumatic conveying cyclofilter thus ensures the vacuuming and reception of the powder.
This pneumatic supply is also designed to feed the flow aids positioned on the cyclofilter: pneumatic vibrator and vibrofluidizers.
Vacuuming is carried out using a dry rotary blade vacuum pump which ensures the necessary vacuum for the transport of the mallow powder in the piping. The transfer is thus continuously carried out by vacuum to feed an incorporator/Triblender (high shear powder/liquid mixer) positioned downstream of the process.

An analogue valve, positioned under the conveying cyclone, ensures the dosing of the product into the 50 litres buffer hopper. Two level probes are placed in this hopper to control the powder level so as not to overload the Triblender.
The Cyclofilter is positioned on a raise/lower system mounted on a wheeled chassis so that the Cyclofilter can be moved to the washing room. This handling trolley makes it possible to move the transfer cyclone vertically in order to lower it to an ergonomic height for washing.
The unit is equipped with a "Harting" type plug and pneumatic coupler for quick connection and disconnection of the flexible conveyor hose. The skid is driven by a Siemens S7 1200 PLC.

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