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Ice cream manufacturing process

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Case study reference:
Process de fabrication de glace

Processed powders: whey, sugar, flavorings

Dosing of Dry Mix products

Palamatic Process has set up a preparation line for dry products dosing for dry mixing.
The customer is an ice cream manufacturer.

All of the customer's recipes for their ice cream products are made from oil or fat, as well as milk or whey powder (fattened milk powder), emulsifiers, "marking" powders such as nuggets, sugar or flavorings...

The multiple objectives with regard to the acquisition of this process line for the production of the mix:

  • Increased production to 3.5 t./h. of mix
  • Improve the working conditions of manufacturing operators by facilitating the handling of powders.
  • To ensure the precision of the mixtures and the unit dosages for different ingredients composing the recipe. This objective has a direct impact on the quality of the ice cream produced. For example, the sugar concentration in the preparation has an impact on the required quantity of water for the process.
  • Cleanability of the line for recipe changes :
    The hygienic design of the equipment has an important impact on the choice of machine design. This ease of cleaning allows our customer to reduce the down time between each recipe.
  • Some of the powder handling equipment is dry "rinsed" using sugar. The common dosing equipment and the mixer are washed with water by a centralized CIP system.

The ingredients and micro-ingredients dosing line consists of manual sack tip tray with integrated dust filter and bag compactor, allowing for a clean and ergonomic manufacturing facility.

The dosing and transfer of texturizing agents, flavorings and markers are ensured by pneumatic transfer by aspiration in semi-dense phase offering good hygiene and respect for fragile products. Dosing is ensured by screw feeders (D11 and D12 models) and a vibrating conveyor.

Sugars and whey are handled in bulk bags due to the large quantities used. The bulk bag unloading stations, equipped with a buffer hopper, provide a continuous feed of the premix / dry mix dosing line.

In addition to the equipment washing cycles, the bulk bag and sack unloading stations include sieving machines and magnetic bars to ensure the expected quality of the powders handled.

Due to the "explosive" nature of the powders handled, all the equipment complies with ATEX standards with a 20 /22 zoning.

The supervision with integration of recipes, history and traceability of the batches is provided by Palamatic Process. The operator, after identification, processes the recorded recipes by validating each of the requested control steps. The sequencing of the steps and the control by validation ensures a safe and hygienic manufacturing of the finished product. 

Palamatic Process offers complete and customized solutions for the dry mix process solution by ensuring the dosage of all your dry ingredients. Our expert team in powder handling define with you the production line that meets your expectations in terms of throughput, hygiene and food safety.

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