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Sifting and conveying ingredients in a mixer for the production of hamburger buns

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Sifting and conveying of ingredients into a mixer

Processed powders: salt, flour, milk powder, sugar, ascorbic acid 

Loading of kneaders


Worldwide company specialized in industrial bakery.

In order to improve ergonomics, reduce the difficulty of manual handling of loads and ensure the non-presence of foreign bodies (from packaged raw materials), this company wanted to set up a system for industrial screening and transporting minor ingredients to kneading machine (salt, sugar, ascorbic acid).
The raw materials to be sieved (5 mm mesh) and then conveyed are powders with a small particle size. 
The dry bulk materials are stored in bags and are deconditioned by the operators through a bag dump station with a vibrating screen Sacktip® SH. Directly implanted under the screen, the vibrating screen ensures continuous bulk material control. The mesh of the vibrating screen must avoid the passage of residues from the packaging.
An empty bag evacuation sheath is installed on the side of the machine. It optimizes the containment of the installation. The vibrating screen mesh is fitted with clamps, which facilitates assembly and disassembly during the manufacture of mixed products.

Sifting and conveying ingredients in a mixer
Sifting and conveying ingredients in a mixer for the production of hamburger buns

A gearbox (product handling device) is fixed under the hopper to allow the dry bulk material to be transferred to the cyclone. It is equipped with an air inlet filter.
The transfer of the sieved bulk material is carried out via a pneumatic vacuum conveying system VFlow® to a mixer at a capacity of 120 kg in 6 min or 1200 kg/h. A cyclofilter ensures air/product separation. A dry paddle vacuum pump outside the Atex area provides the necessary vacuum to transfer the bulk material into the piping.

A line purge system allows the bulk material passage piping to be completely cleaned after pneumatic conveying. It is particularly used to avoid cross-contamination.
To complete the installation, a dust extraction system is flanged to the Atex 21/22 bag dump station and a control cabinet is used for line control.

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