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Hygienic feeding of a liquid mixer - Liquiverter type - with big bag and bag loss-in-weight

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Case study reference:
Hygienic feeding of a liquid mixer liquiverter type with big bag and bag loss in weight 2

Processed product : Milk powder

Premix line for infant milk powder


This subsidiary company from one of the first milk group in the world, develops a wide range of functional and nutritional milk ingredients for nutrition and food industry.

This company is implanted in France and around the world. It contacted us for an unloading bulk bag and sack project for a production site in Poland.

The processed material is powdered milk with a bulk density of 450kg/m³. From the drying of the milk, the milk powders are skimmed or whole. Those powders are used in various applications in total or partial replacement of liquid milk because of advantages they offer.

This milk powder is intended for manufacturing of some of the followings products: butter, mozzarella, powdered cream

The objective was to unload bulk bags and sacks in a clean room for feeding a liquiverter by a pneumatic conveying system. The main constraint was the respect of HACCP system which is a method to prevent sanitary risks in food industry. Emptying sacks and big bags is made thoughtout interfaces allowing to remain hygienic areas. 

The solution proposed by Palamatic Process is an unloading bulk bags and sacks station with a sack compactor integrated. The powdered milk is conveyed by a pneumatic conveying thought a vibratory sieve for eliminate foreign bodies to a cyclone and finally feed the liquiverter.

For depacking sacks (25kg) and bulk bags (1000kg)

The sack and big bag discharger Duopal® is designed for manual opening of all sacks and bulk bags on the same discharge area. The operator deposes the sack on a tablet and opens it on the sieve which fills the hopper placed below.

This kind of station offer a great flexibility of sacks and bulk bags sizes used. Bulk bags unloading standard stations can unload bulk bags of 2200mm high. Futhermore, it allows the discharge in an ergonomic way with the use of electric hoist. Dust emissions are reduced to a minimum thanks to the introduction of  effective containment components (rubber seal on the main tray, anti-overflow tube) and the integration of an Atex dust collector. A sack compactor is also integrated.

After emptying, the operator puts the empty sack in the compactor for reducing the waste volume and the exposure of fines. The work space is kept clean and healthy.

Technical specifications :

  • Stainless steel 304L
  • Max. weight: 1,500 kg
  • Safety bar for the big bag support bracket

Options requested by the customer:

  • Telescopic tube: sealed connection of the big bag and tension on the big bag cuff
  • Hoist: handling of big bags
  • Vibrator/Vibrating bin aerator: to optimize the flow
  • Massage: flow aid thanks to the jacks that break the vaults and break the mass setting
  • Weighing under structure: weighing of the big bag station for precise feeding of the downstream process
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