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Skid for powdering salt and sugar by controlled feeding of a dissolution tank and powder wetting device for feeding a drying tower

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Case study reference:
Skid for powdering salt and sugar

Processed powders: sugar and salt

Powdered egg production


This customer is a specialist in egg processing for industrial customers. This manufacturing process requires an aqueous solution that must include a high percentage of salt and sugar. Both ingredients are delivered in big bags or bags.

The customer was looking to increase his production volume while improving the ergonomics of his workstation with a controlled introduction of raw bulk materials.
It was necessary to regularly feed two dispersion tanks of 10,000 liters each and a powder wetting machine at 3,000 kg/h. There was also a need for regular feeding without sending too many powder " packets ", while keeping maintenance costs very low, good modularity in case of extension and finally an excellent cleanability.

Palamatic Process has installed a combined big bag and sack emptying system in a production room; the Duopal® DP station is connected to a pneumatic conveying system. Big bags are loaded by hoist and sacks are loaded by hand. The entire set is weighed in order to ensure that the quantities shipped in big bags are controlled. A valve mounted on the discharge station controls the opening and closing of the sleeve. The products are then collected by pneumatic conveying called "vacuum dense phase". Each of the two hoppers and the powder wetting unit are both fitted with a cyclone with a variable opening introduction valve to adjust the fluid flow. An electric pump common to all three cyclones supplies the process points one after the other.

"Perfect line flexibility on inbound calls, repeatable throughput, shipment control, perfect cleanability and accessibility as well as very low maintenance" were the comments of the production manager and the plant's quality manager one year after the start of production of this powder coating installation.

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