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EHEDG: Hygiene and food safety for your industrial process

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| 3 minutes of reading | By Guillaume De Clercq
Food safety of industrial equipment

The hygienic design of industrial equipment is a crucial point for consumer food safety. Safety is a global issue that affects all food manufacturers. Therefore, the design of the machines making up the production process must guarantee a maximum level of sanitation.

1. Food grade design for industrial machinery

The design of the various process equipment that make up the industrial production line is relatively unregulated in terms of health. Public health safety organizations (FDA for the United States, AESA for Europe or ANSES for France) do not approve the design of production equipment. Their mission is limited to validating and controlling the systems used by food manufacturers to ensure consumer health safety. It is the food manufacturers who must ensure the proper design of their equipment.

Compliances present in the food industry are established by national and international organizations. See our article on standards in the food industries.

The basic principles for food safety reside in the absence of material retention zones, the type of materials used in the fabrication of the equipment (like product contact surface) and the ease of cleaning industrial machines.

Sécurité alimentaire des équipements industriels

2. What is the role of the EHEDG?

The EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) is a foundation created in 1989 for defining and promoting standards in the hygienic design of industrial equipment, as well as the installations intended for the food industry (IAA). It defines the guidelines for the design of systems used in food production areas. Furthermore, this group advises equipment manufacturers how to improve hygienic design at all stages of food production and promote food safety.

The goal is the international harmonization of standards and guidelines. EHEDG assesses the design and ease of cleaning the industrial equipment used in production processes that handle food powders. Commissioning, service and maintenance are also considered. The EHEDG brings together factories and their equipment suppliers to master hygienic standards, from the choice of materials, overall design, installation and maintenance of the equipment.

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3. EasyClean Palamatic Process equipment

Safety and hygiene are guarantees that we must offer to our customers who work on production lines.

By considering the needs of our customers and their production constraints, our team of powder experts can offer equipment adapted to their manufacturing process. EHEDG offers exchanges with other equipment suppliers and end users, technical advice, recommendation guides, design principles and training.

As an active member of this foundation, Palamatic Process is therefore part of a continuous process to ensure the strictest compliance with hygienic standards of facilities dealing with food ingredients.

Our teams has access to all the principles and recommendations for controlling hygiene, from the choice of materials, equipment design, installation and maintenance of the equipment. Our design office can implement the hygienic designs of equipment and processes for the food industry.

Our range of EasyClean hygienic equipment meets these requirements for food manufacturers. Powder handling equipment must be easy to clean to meet the demanding hygienic constraints of the industry. The specific design of this equipment (ergonomics, manufacturing materials, absence of retention zones, quick dismantling, high cleanability, etc.) allows the handling of ingredients intended for human consumption. Contact our sales team to define the equipment adapted to your application.

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