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Case studies - Animal food

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Manufacturing processes for the petfood and animal nutrition industry in general must meet the requirements of health regulations. Food quality control is an important part of the profession in the animal nutrition industry. It must meet the requirements of certification authorities where traceability is an important part of the process. From the delivery of raw materials to the packing of the final product, Palamatic Process equipment includes all the requirements for batch monitoring, cross-contamination management and health safety...


Conveying of pet food kibbles

Processed powders: pea flour, soy flour, wheat flour, oat flour, bran flour, additives... - Coating machine feeding - The purpose of the installation is to feed the coating machines at the exit of...

Raw material automatic bag unloading System

Processed Powders: Soy Flour, Brewer Yeast, Corn Starch, Dried Whey... - Manufacturing line for petfood industry - Manufacturering of dry and liquid flavor enhancers for the pet food industry

Food preparation line for blocks of frozen fruits

Processed products: Frozen fruits / IQF (apples, pineapples, dates, cranberries, etc.) - Hygienic granulation line for the animal nutrition industry.

Big bag filling stations for fish feed

Processed powders: meat meal and bone meal - Semi-automatic big bag filling stations - The installation consists in loading big bags under mixers without emitting dust.

Filling big bags with fish meal

Processed powder : fish meal - Big bags packaging - Output of 50 big bags/h

Big bag filling station

Processed products: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Metasmart dry - Process for food supplements - Big Bag filling station with integrated weighing and vibrating densification table.

Lysine unloading, dosing and milling process for mixer feeding

Processed bulk material: Lysine - Grinding Line - Facility for one of the world's leading animal nutrition companies.

Workshop for the preparation of powder mixtures

Processed bulk solids: veterinary powders - Loading of veterinary powders - Company specialized in animal nutrition and health: workshop for the preparation and mixing of bulk material

Packaging of animal flour in big bags

Powders processed: feather flour, animal flour - Animal flour loading - Palamatic Process has set up a bulk bag packaging station with vibration and automatic releaseof the bulk bag.

Combined sack and big bag emptying system for tank truck filling

Processed powder: amino acids - Truck loading with amino acids - This facility concerns a major player in the production and marketing of amino acids for animal feed.

Mixing line for natural additives for veterinary use

Processed powders: silica, wheat, carbonate - Premix manufacturing - The installation consists of a new mixing line for the production of natural additives for animal nutrition.

Mixing and packaging of phytotherapeutic products

Processed powders: silica, clay, calcium carbonate, lithothamnium - Animal nutrition food supplements - This customer is a producer of specific mixtures of botanical extracts. In order to ensure its...

Discharge and conveying of feed additives into storage silos

Processed powders: food additives - Animal feed - Specialist in additives for animal feed.

Additive mixing line and premix packing: flavours for dogs and cats

Powders processed: palatability enhancers, flavours for dog and cat food - Kibbles manufacturing - Company SPF. To cope with its development, the French company SPF, the "petfood" branch of the...

Complete production line for handling and preparation of premixes

Processed powders: wheat bran and lime with a bulk density of 0.4 to 1 kg/m³ - Wheat bran and lime premix line - Estonian engineering company specialized in the design of industrial operations for the...

Palamatic Process is involved in all stages of the manufacture of premixes, pre-mixtures of additives, mineral feeds and nutritional specialities for animal feed.
Industrial mixing processes are common in this type of industry; it is then a question of mixing, in the most homogeneous way, various raw materials and components.

Food formulation, integration of food additives, pre-milling, premixing, pre-mixing, predosing are some of the steps that make up the processes in the petfood and animal nutrition industry.  

The control of the different stages of production thus guarantees food safety of the processed food.

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