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Case studies - Minerals and building

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Our knowledge of the cement and quarry sector ensures you a quality service and a technical solution adapted to your project.

For your cement plants, quarries, industrial plasters, glass factories, minerals and metals, we have the solution for your bulk materials handling line or industrial powder handling line.

Discover our case studies

Unloading big bags of carbonaceous rock

Products processed: solid coal rods - Double confined EasyFlow® EF200 big bag emptying station - The installation concerns two big bag unloading stations for high-speed, semi-automatic deconditioning...

Double deconditioning station and pneumatic dense phase cement transfer

Processed product: cement - Filling of truck with cement - Two EasyFlow® EF100 big bag unloading stations for high-speed semi-automatic unpacking.

Automatic filling of spodumene big bags

Treated powder: spodumene - Big bag filling for lithium battery production - Automated solution with minimal operator intervention.

Semi-automatic big bag unloading

Processed product: cement - Cement deconditioning - Autonomous bulk bag unloading system for the cement industry

Semi-automated big bag filling for the construction materials industry

Processed powder: fly ash - Filling of big bags for building materials via gravity discharge from a silo.

Automated Big Bag Unloading and Conveying

Processed powder: cement - Unloading and conveying of cement - Unloading of cement from 1 ton big bags with pneumatic transfer of material to silo storage

Discharging station for bulk bags of ferric sulphates

Powder processed: ferric sulphate - Ferric sulphate unit - This company in the construction industry offers different types of products such as cement, lime, binders....

Process for the manufacture of plasterboard

Processed bulk material: calcium formate - Industrial powder grinding - The objective of the pin grinding plant is to make the granulation of the 2 raw materials homogeneous and reliable before their...

Discharge and dosing for mixer feeding

Processed powder: perlite - Perlite unloading, dosing and conveying - This mineral handling facility consists of an EasyFlow® 125 big bag deconditioning station.

Big bag filling station with suspended weighing

Processed powders: lime + additives - Lime and minerals packing - The installation involves a FlowMatic® 05 big bag filling station with suspended weighing.

Big bag filling station Flowmatic 07

Processed powder: cement - Cement packing - Big bag filling system FlowMatic® 07 that can be connected instead of a truck tank, under a truck loading handle

FlowMatic® 03 big bag filling line with barite

Processed powder: barite - Mineral conditioning - FlowMatic® 03: sealed filling of big bags with barite with automatic weighing.

Discharge of big bags of plaster for re-packaging into containers

Processed powder: plaster - Process of plasterboard production - French company producing and selling plaster, products derived from plaster and products based on expanded polystyrene.

Automatic opening and emptying of bags of plaster, cement and starch

Processed powders: plaster, cement and starch - Plaster preparation - Leading company in the manufacture of plaster and plasterboards. The objective of this installation is to empty 25kg bags at high...

Discharge of big bags of cement for truck loading

Processed powder: cement - Cement storage - Cement manufacturer in Reunion Island.

Big bag filling of white minerals, talc and carbonates under a silo

Processed powders: white minerals, talc and carbonates - Carbonate packing - International manufacturer of concrete fillers. The objective was to supply the site with a system that would allow...

Aggregate conveying and storage line

Processed powder: carbonate - Calcium carbonate plant - Company specialized in the supply of aggregates to the Maghreb.

Palamatic Process has proven expertise in the treatment, extraction, crushing, grinding, dosing, homogenization or conveying of bulk materials, such as quicklime, silica, alumina and iron oxides. Also, the use of admixtures in the manufacture of concrete makes it possible to attribute certain properties to it, particularly for high-performance concretes (technological innovation). The experience of Palamatic Process engineers and the powerful software packages used make it possible to design and implement these specific production processes. Palamatic Process offers a complete service from the definition of the requirement to the commissioning. 

The process steps, for example for the manufacture of cement:
- Raw material extraction
- Grinding and storage of raw materials
- Baking of raw materials
- Storage, crushing and screening
- Packaging and conveying line

The pneumatic conveying of cement with specific equipment allows you to obtain a long service life of the installations by minimizing maintenance as much as possible.


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