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Case studies - Energy

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Palamatic Process has extensive experience with clients in various sectors of the energy industry. Fossil energies (gas, oil, coal), nuclear energies, as well as renewable energies, are sectors where the use of powders and bulk solids are present in a direct or indirect method.

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    Pneumatic conveying and ashes storage

    Processed materials: ashes - Incineration plant - Leading company in the supply of waste management and recovery solutions, expert in the whole waste cycle.

    Handling big bags of toxic material for a battery manufacturer

    Processed powder: lithium nickel potassium oxide - Unloading, filling of big bags and transfer of material - The objective of this installation is to protect the operators with equipment designed to...

    Discharging station of big bags of cadmium in very high containment

    Processed powder: cadmium oxide - Supply for battery manufacturing - The objective of this installation is to protect operators by avoiding the constraint of the working suit, which is very badly...

    Big bag discharging and pneumatic conveying

    Processed powders: Cobalt Carbonate, Cobalt Hydroxide & Cobalt Oxalate - Tank feeding - The purpose of the installation is to feed a preparation tank with the product packaged in big bags.

    Mixing and feeding line for raw materials for cementing

    Processed powders: Cement + filler, lime and calcium nitrate - Cementation of nuclear waste - This process is intended for the cementation of fines and resins

    Big bag filling in thermal power plant

    Processed products: fly ashes and ash embers - Refiom processing line - Big bag filling in thermal power plant in a household waste incineration plant.

    Discharging of storage silos

    Processed product: refiom, ashes - Loading of fly ash - Discharging of fly ash from storage silos for bulk truck loading.

    Preparation of electrolyte pool charges

    Processed powder: Potassium Bi-Fluoride - Drum and bag handling in the nuclear sector: 25kg kraft paper bags with an inner liner and 90kg drums with an inner liner.
    • Bulk handling equipment is extensively used In the field of coal.
    • In the port and oil fields, the dosing of additives is a frequent activity for Palamatic Process applications.
    • Palamatic Process also has experience in the nuclear field. Our teams are specially trained to intervene on production sites (power plants) and also on reprocessing sites.
    • Palamatic Process powder applications are also found in the manufacture of solar panels using silicon. Applications in the handling of machefer (solid residues of urban waste) have been handled by Palamatic Process in order to load big bags with the ashes for hazardous waste burial and long-term storage.
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