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Case studies - Egg product

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Whole egg powder is a quality product mainly used by the food industry.
The powdered egg is obtained from a whole egg, from which the shell has been removed by an industrial process, and then processed into powder. Very much in demand by professionals, this product helps in the manufacture of many culinary recipes as well as for cosmetology.

Whole egg powder is produced in the factory according to a rigorous and fully controlled industrial process. To be reduced to powder form, the egg then goes through different stages. 

Palamatic Process industrial bulk handling machines are fully adapted to this type of process: powdering solutions, dampening solutions, controlled feeding solutions or pneumatic conveying at the outlet of big bag emptying stations.... 
The egg powder will then be weighed and packed in sacks or big bags for shipment.

Skid for powdering salt and sugar by controlled feeding of a dissolution tank and powder wetting device for feeding a drying tower

Processed powders: salt and sugar - Powdered egg production - This customer is a specialist in egg processing for industrial customers. This manufacturing process requires an aqueous solution that...

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