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Drum dischager: 

Drum dumper bulk powder handling

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow®01

Suction pipe, No drum manipulation, All sizes, Ease of use
  • Rate
  • Containment
drum tipper drumflow 02

Drum discharging system- DrumFlow®02

Bag extraction, Confinement, Glove box
  • Rate
  • Containment
Drum tipper - Bulk powder handling

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow®03

Tipping over, All drums sizes, No drum manipulation, Safety
  • Rate
  • Containment
drum tipping station drumflow04

Drum discharging system - DrumFlow® 04

Tipping over and sealed capping, Total containment, No manipulation,...
  • Rate
  • Containment
drum barrel tube lifter palamatic process

Drum manipulator

Drum full rotation, Effortless lifting, Increased productivity,...
  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of implementation

The Palamatic Process DrumFlow® range is designed to empty your drums by dumping them. 

Our drum turners are available in 4 models:

-          Drum dumper DrumFlow® 01 suction pipe

-          Drum dumper DrumFlow® 02: bag extraction

-          Drum dumper DrumFlow® 03: tipping

-          Drum dumper DrumFlow® 04: sealed tipping

The Palamatic Process engineering office can provide customized solutions for discharing your drums (sealed or open-chute dumping) according to your production line constraints. Together, we define the appropriate customized drum dumping solution after visiting your site and following your precise specifications. With our many options available, the operator can wholly or partially dump the contents of the drums into hoppers, reactors or mixer maholes.

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production line palamatic process

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