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Case studies - Baby Food

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Palamatic Process operates on industrial production lines dealing with infant milk-based formulations and other ingredients intended for manufacturers in order to be incorporated into recipes for infant nutrition such as starch, sugar, probiotics, fructose...



Mixture of ingredients for infant preparations

Processed powder: infant milk powder - Milk powder mixing line - The mixing line is totally cleanable with the complete dismantling of the equipment with our Palamatic-EasyClean range of equipment....

Vitamin mixture for enriching infant foods

Processed powders: micronutrient powders - Mixing process for baby food - The customer is a Swedish manufacturer for an international distributor.

Big bag packing in the hygienic zone (white zone) of baby food products

Processed powder: milk powder - Clean room for packing - A leading dairy and manufacturer of high value-added milk powder for the leaders in the infant market.

Skid for preparing and packing baby food

Product concerned: infant milk powder - Infant milk powder preparation - Industrial specialized in baby food production - The process consist of conditionning infant milk powder in diverse containing...

Hygienic big bag filling station for infant milk powder

Processed powder: Powder milk - Packing in a white room environment - Hygienic packing station under an atomization tower for infant powdered milk

Hygienic feeding of a liquid mixer - Liquiverter type - with big bag and bag loss-in-weight

Processed bulk solids: milk powder - Infant milk powder line - This subsidiary company from one of the first milk group in the world, devellops a wide range of functionals and nutritionals milk...

Some of these bulk materials contain live enzymes, flavours or any other components that represent a risk of cross-contamination in the production process. Palamatic Process guarantees you a final product free of any foreign matter in order to avoid any risk of contamination. Automatic sampling ensures that the final product is safe and complies with current regulations and meets the specifications of the baby food industry.

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