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Process lines - Chocolate and confectionery

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Food and animal feed

Process lines dedicated to the chocolate and confectionery sectors

Palamatic Process offers complete industrial solutions for sugar and chocolate confectionery processes.
From raw material management to finished products, our turnkey formulation lines produce high quality batches with assured traceability.

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The chocolate process
The cocoa mass is obtained by grinding the beans.
Chocolate is a mixture of cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter and possibly milk. The cocoa mass is mixed with the other raw materials (sugar and possibly milk products) in a mixer. This step is called mixing: the other raw materials are added and are mixed for about 20 hours to obtain a homogeneous paste.
Then comes the tempering and coating stage: in order to obtain a brittle and smooth chocolate, it is necessary to temper it, i.e. to maintain its temperature at 32°C in order to carry out the molding and coating. The chocolate is then ready to be tasted!

When it comes to industrial chocolate and confectionery, production focuses on mixing, batch preparation and filling operations, thanks to a high processing capacity and a high level of automation. Preparing batches with the exact dosage of raw materials is an essential part of producing chocolate and confectionery.

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