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Process lines - Baby food

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Food and animal feed

Palamatic process lines for the baby food sector

The manufacture of baby food must guarantee a precise and regular dosage of the raw ingredients in order to ensure food safety and quality of the production batches.

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Throughout the manufacturing process, batch controls are performed. The manufacturing process is almost completely in a closed circuit, which strongly limits any risk of contamination.

Here are the different stages of the infant formula transformation process:
- reception of the cow's milk at the factory
- sanitary and traceability controls are carried out 
- skimming: the fat is removed from the milk
- pasteurization
- addition of ingredients: proteins, lactose, milk derivatives, fats, fibres, whey, lactose, minerals...
- evaporation to remove water and start the process of transformation into milk powder.
- drying to obtain milk powder and then dry addition of new ingredients such as iron, vitamins, probiotics...
- packaging of milk powder in cans

The baby food industry is not only about milk powder. It also concerns fruit or vegetable purees with or without small pieces and ready-to-drink milk for infants.

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