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Process lines - Rubber

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Palamatic process lines for the rubber industry

The rubber processing is numerous: the rubber requires various preparation operations before it can be used industrially. 
The mixing of the raw materials is the fundamental operation of the industrial rubber production.

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There are more than twenty categories of products used in the formulation of rubber:

Polymers (natural or synthetic rubber).
Fillers (powder used in large quantities - for example carbon black and silica).
Processing aids (e.g. plasticizers in the form of oil or wax).
Curing agents (mainly sulfur, used in relatively small quantities).
Other ingredients (baking gas pedals, activators, pigments, anti-degradants, blowing agents, etc., powders used in small quantities).
The mixing of the various ingredients that make up the recipe is the operation that produces a homogeneous and plastic rubber mass that can be shaped by extrusion, molding and calendering.

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