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Dosing valve:

Palamatic Process has developed a range of dosing valves.

Inflatek® valve - Inflatable seal

Total containment, Leak proof seal, low maintenance, up to 350°C...
  • Containment
Inflatek valve

Slide valve

Extraction and gravity dosing
Slide valve - Bulk material and powder handling

Pinch valve VMP

Complete shut off or flow control
  • Rate
  • Dosage capacity
Dosage volumétrique - Palamatic Process

Butterfly valve VPP

Container, hopper or silo closure containing powdered or granulated...
  • Rate
  • Dosage capacity
Butterfly valve dosing Palamatic Process

Rotary valve DN

Stop or control the bulk materials flow, Sanitary applications...
  • Rate
  • Dosage capacity
rotary valve dosing

The slide valve meets all the needs of industries. The slide valve is provided with a pneumatic cylinder to stop the downflow of the powder or bulk material at any time.

The pinch valve is the ideal solution to stop the flow of abrasive, corrosive and fibrous bulk materials. The valve can be closed manually or automatically. It is mainly used for abrasive materials.

The butterfly valve is the most frequently used device in the handling of powders and bulk materials. The butterfly valve can be used as an output valve for containers by regulating the flow of powders and granules used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic applications.

The main function of the rotary valve is flow management. The rotary valve is quickly removable, which allows for faster cleaning of the valve.

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