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Case studies - Compound and plastic materials

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The main objectives in the compound and plastic industry are as follows:
- Discharge and conveying of powders and bulk materials
- Continuous feeding of the extrusion line 
- Preparation of the different materials by dosing, heating, premixing
- Installation in an indoor explosive zone called ATEX category 0-20 of equipment involving the handling of powders and bulk materials under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen, nitrogen).

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Big bag filling under silo

Treated powder: premix compound - Premix compound packing - Our customer, a specialist in PVC compounds and polymer composite materials, required the packing of its finished product - polymer...

Octabin Sealing System

Processed material: polyamide, nylon - Polyamide production line - This installation relates to an international group specialising in the manufacture of polyamides which wishes to set up an octabin...

Container tipping of plastic granules

Processed product: plastic granules - Tanker truck loading - Container tipping equipment for the transfer of plastic granules into a tanker truck

Bag dumping for loading dough machines before coating

Processed powders: PVC powders - Premix for coating - This installation involves a manufacturer of coated fabric. Coating is a surface treatment that consists in applying a layer on a substrate (paper...

Discharging, conveying and dosing in a dough processing machine

Powder processed: azobul - Blowing agent for PVC flooring - Continuous dosing supply of a PVC powder mixing reactor. The industrial metering system is fed by a vacuum pneumatic conveying system...

Additives feeding for extrusion line

Processed products: plastic granules - Compounding line - Installation of a big bag and Flowbin emptying station containing powdery or granulated powders in a buffer hopper.

Raw material deconditioning unit, masterbatch mixture preparation and incorporation on extruder line

Processed powders: cobalt, calcium carbonate CaCo3, titanium dioxide TIO2 - Masterbatch and additives - Discharge of raw materials while maintaining a healthy atmosphere without pollution and without...

The storage of raw materials is generally carried out from stainless steel silos or from  big bags with the integration of explosion protection (explosion vent, specific filters, hopper inerting). Weighed intermediate hoppers provide buffers for feeding the screw feeders. Weighted screw feeders ensure continuous and accurate feeding of the extruder. Pre-mixing lines (turbo-mixing) are installed upstream of the extrusion to ensure the handling and introduction of micro-ingredients. All the storage, deconditioning, conveying, weighing, dosing and control equipment is connected and controlled from the supervision room (PLC, control PC). In addition to the control function, the history (traceability) of the productions is archived.

production line palamatic process

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