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Case studies - Detergent and laundry powder

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Main process steps:
Storage, pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying, dosing, mixing, packing.

Laundry detergents contain several "agents" that perform a specific function. Industrial production lines ensure the storage, conveying, dosing and incorporation of the different components into the mixing line.



Packaging line for washing detergents and detergent products

Processed powders: detergents and washing powders - Laundry powder packing - Packaging of powdered finished products in 20, 25 and 30 kg bags.

Detergent powder milling

Processed powders: sodium carbonate, acid... - Disinfectant packaging - Production line of cleaning products for the maintenance of livestock buildings.

Discharge of big bags of bleaching agents for tank feeding

Processed powders: optical brighteners (very volatile powder) - Washing powder premix - Installation for a European leader in private label detergents and hygiene products.

Laundry powder storage line

Processed powder: laundry powder - Washing powder - This company was looking for a storage solution for humidified laundry powder with an apparent density of 1.3.

Bulk solids supply to a manufacturing tank

Processed bulk materials: Benzotriazole and Tolytriazole - Incorporation of detergent products - The client is the Europe's leading supplier of household cleaning products and private brand toiletry...

Agents integrating recipes for laundry and detergent products:
- Alkaline compounds (increase the effectiveness of surfactants, borates, carbonates)
- Sequestrant agents (increase the effectiveness of detergents: citrates, metaphosphates, polyphosphates, zeolites, EDTA, NTA, phosphonates)
- Complexing agents (anti-redeposition agents) preventing dirt trapped by surfactants from redepositing on the laundry
- Enzymes degrading organic molecules 
- Bleaching agents (perborates, percarbonates, peroxides, sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate, hydrogen peroxide).  Their objective is the oxidation of colored molecules.

Powder & bulk materials handling solutions:
All these components (powdery and/or liquid) are stored in storage silos or big bags. The formulation and incorporation line includes transfers (generally pneumatic and/or mechanical conveying) allowing loading into the mixer. Intermediate hoppers ensure weighing by weight gain or weight loss. The load cells perform the precise dosing to ensure that the formulation is respected. A line of micro-ingredients completes the detergent production line. After introducing all the bulk materials into the mixer, a spray (incorporation) of perfume in liquid form is performed. For powdered detergents, the industrial mixer is discharged while guaranteeing the granulometric respect of the bulk materials and without segregation.

production line palamatic process

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