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Case studies - Quarry

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Our knowledge of the quarry sector ensures you a quality service as well as a technical solution adapted to your project. 


Discharging station for bulk bags of ferric sulphates

Powder processed: ferric sulphate - Ferric sulphate unit - This company in the construction industry offers different types of products such as cement, lime, binders....

Big bag filling station with suspended weighing

Processed powders: lime + additives - Lime and minerals packing - The installation involves a FlowMatic® 05 big bag filling station with suspended weighing.

Discharge and dosing for mixer feeding

Processed powder: perlite - Perlite unloading, dosing and conveying - This mineral handling facility consists of an EasyFlow® 125 big bag deconditioning station.

FlowMatic® 03 big bag filling line with barite

Processed powder: barite - Mineral conditioning  - FlowMatic® 03: sealed filling of big bags with barite with automatic weighing.

Big bag filling of white minerals, talc and carbonates under a silo

Processed powders: white minerals, talc and carbonates - Carbonate packing - International manufacturer of concrete fillers. The objective was to supply the site with a system that would allow...

Aggregate conveying and storage line

Processed powder: carbonate - Calcium carbonate plant - Company specialized in the supply of aggregates to the Maghreb.
production line palamatic process

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