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Waste volume reduction - Recycling big bags and sacks

Recycling packaging is crucial to preventing pollution and optimizing plant space.

Palamatic Process offers 2 types of big bag compactors.

Big bag compactor - CBB125

Containment and management of empty big bags
  • Containment
  • Ease of implementation
Big bag compactor

Screw compactor 
Our big bag compactors ensure efficient collection and compression, eliminating most dust thanks to a connection to the dust collection network and recovery of residues in a special tray. A polyethylene sheath reduces clutter by collecting empty bags.

Compact and adaptable to any workspace, our big bag compactor can be made mobile for versatile use on site, or integrated into big bag unloading stations. Manufactured in painted steel or 304 stainless steel, it is even suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Roller compactorRollR® roller compactors compact and recycle various types of packaging, such as big bags, sacks, cartons and plastic sachets, compressing them to 90% of their original size. They operate by applying rolling pressure.

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